Sunday, May 1, 2011

How much snack for your dollar? - Potato chips vs Banana

Cavendish Bananas
Serving size: 1 banana

Energy: one 100g banana has 250 kJ according to my Borushek's Calorie Counter.  That is one small banana by the way.  A larger banana would have 545 kJ.  Anyway on to the next bit.

Potato Chips
In this case Red Rock Deli Honey Soy Chicken Deli-style Potato Chips
$2.00 for 45g or $44.44/kg
Serving size: 45g

Energy: 926kJ

Banana $1.30 per 100g serve, 250 kJ per serve
Potato chips $2.00 per 45g serve, 926 kJ per serve

Gee, paying over $12 per kg for bananas due to the Queensland floods earlier this year doesn't look so bad now, does it?  On a $/kJ basis the potato chips are cheaper but if you are trying to eat healthily then the banana is quite good value.

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  1. I do this maths every now and then... makes one feel much better about crazy fruit prices doesn't it? I'm currently (literally LOL) snacking on Mango sorbet which hubby and I think is expensive but super yummy... but having checked now, it's a mere $6/kg!! Not sure if that's good or bad though LOL

  2. Mrs B, I think it would depend on how much you eat. Bit like chocolate. lol

    Best wishes


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