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13 Things About Me

1. I loved French at my first high school in Mackay but when we moved to Brisbane they only had German and Japanese at my local high school so I failed Speech and Drama instead (the one and only subject I really didn't like during my whole school experience, maths being my favourite subject).

2. I attended 13 primary schools and 2 high schools, a few primary schools were repeated as my family moved around.

3. At first I homeschooled because in my heart I wanted my kids to go to an exclusive private school but dh didn't earn enough and my eldest had other ideas as to what he needed from his "school" experience.

4. I absolutely love having rats as pets but dh is just about over them and wants a cat next.

5. Since school, I have studied Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and associated therapies, worked as a public servant in Treasury Department in Brisbane, been an apprentice chef on Hamilton Island in tropical Queensland, completed a commercial college course where I excelled at Accounts but not typing then worked as an accounts clerk and receptionist before having kids 12.5 years ago.

6. What is an iron? Ironing is a big spectator event if it happens here.

7. Going blonde was not a good look for me and I will forever regret trying it.

8. The bond between my boys is the most important thing about homeschooling to me.

9. I am a great planner but not a great doer. Have schedules for just about everything but still feel so disorganised.

10.  I was a size 8 until I had children then crept up to a size 10 but have blown up to a size 14 since having my last child.

11. I feel best when my books are in alphabetical order by author on my shelves and neatly lined up an inch back from the front edge of the shelves.

12. I love cooking but not cleaning up afterwards and bake biscuits or a cake nearly every day.

13. I was born on the 13th and lucky things always happened for my family as a kid on the 13th, like Dad getting a new job or us finding a great new place to live.

And a couple more bonus things:

14. I intend to be an architect, post homeschooling 4 boys, with an interest in building homes out of alternative materials.

15.  I love old buildings and even though the house we rent right now is showing its age (over 100 years) with cracking plaster and uneven floors I still love the spaces, the timber door frames and doors, and the high ceilings.

16.  Each of my boys was breastfeed for at least 4 years.

17. I love my husband immensely and am so glad he chose me almost 20 years ago to learn from and to teach as we journey through life together.


  1. Lovely learning more about you!

  2. Hi Jen,
    I have been having a ittle read here too. Thanks for having me and for visiting and following at my place.+

  3. Hi Jen,

    The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) in the UK run an excellent Masters course in Architecture: Advanced Environment and Energy Studies, which you can study distance learning and part-time. See http://gse.cat.org.uk/. It is one of those courses that really does open up a huge range of possibilities. For instance one of my friends on the course started building her own strawbale susatinable holiday homes http://www.homegrownhome.co.uk/ which then led to her son getting involved and starting a new business.


    1. Is there anyway to contact you directly? Love your Blog!


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