Monday, April 23, 2018

Camping in April

My life can get really busy at times.  This last week was a little unusual but not that different to a more usual week.

My husband works in IT and had to deal with a major issue on Monday night leaving me to drop and pick up 3 boys from 2 activities.  Then I worked 4 full nights 4.30 to midnight.  By Saturday morning we were wondering about the wisdom of having booked a camp site for 2 nights this weekend, especially as I was working a six hour shift in the afternoon.  We ummed and aahhed but decided that camping wasn't for the weak anyway and we decided to not cancel.

It ended up being a great two nights away.  We had friends visit (their camper is in for repairs) and the boys had fun.  We explored a creek, played in a waterhole and had a camp fire each night.  (Everything stinks of smoke, isn't that a sign of good times?!)

We have learned that we need a better checklist for camping so that if we don't see each other before it we can still make time to be together as a family but we had all the essentials and the weather was lovely.

Now to book the next one and to remember it was good.  No wimping unless it is cyclonic or bushfires.  lol  The time out in nature is worth it.

Best wishes
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