Saturday, December 29, 2012

Quote about Goals, New Year coming and all that!

The reason that ‘a good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving’ is simply that to focus on the destination is to focus on an illusion. There is no destination, only a journey, and to become fixated on a point in the future which never arrives is to miss the journey itself.


The article lays out what is wrong with goals and then gives some great ideas for a better way to live.  I think I will be re-reading this one a few times.  Very thought provoking!

Best wishes

Friday, December 21, 2012

Home to Public School - 41 days to go

If the count seems off it is because I thought they would start school on Tuesday 29 January but I found out the other day they start on the Wednesday.  I also found out that they are putting Jackson in to year 5 (he turns 11 at the beginning of the year) and Harrison into year 3 (he turns 8 at the beginning of the year).  I hope that doesn't cause issues for Harrison.  He is bright but his maturity may not match the others in his class with him having a February birthday, although... he is possibly more mature as he has older brothers to play with.  Hmm, don't know, will keep an eye on it all.

This a sort of out of order list of things that would bother me if they changed too drastically due to the boys being at school.  Again some things have more weight in my mind than others.

  • They need to still be able spend valuable family time together eg dinner together as much as possible and free time on the weekends, not overtaken by school projects/homework.
  • They need to be willing to play with each other and to still be understanding when their siblings are at different levels of skill and understanding.
  • I won't tolerate name calling, or derogatory remarks about other's achievements or lack of skills.  I will be very firm on this as it is something that I have always had a zero tolerance for and if the school influence is so strong that I am constantly battling this issue it will be a big deal.
  • I would like to hear that the boys treat each other well at school and do not get so influenced by peer pressure that they won't "play" with a sibling if they are lonely or struggling.
  • I would like them to have friends that are willing to visit for playdates outside school hours.  If friendships are only at school I really don't see much difference to how our homeschooling experience in this small town is working out and I will re-evaluate the "value" of school for socialising.
  • The boys need to be "allowed" to work at their own level with a bit of encouragement for improving.  I don't want to see them held back and getting bored or pushed so hard that they are not able to overcome the stress of working a little harder to achieve a better result.
  • Our health has always been pretty good and I value it.  If more than 2 weeks are lost each term due to viruses going through the family then I will not be pleased.  Of course I know the first term could be rough, new environment and all that, and second not so good with change of season stuff, but by halfway through the year I would hope they are not coming home with a new bug every few weeks.  It would really be hard to be "sick" all the time, very tiring.
Love to hear your comments,

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Home School to Public School - 44 days to go

So here is my scratch list so far of the Pro's and Con's of School and Homeschool.

I know not everything is here but these are the ones that are important to me and keep me thinking (and worrying!).

  • packed lunch
  • see what others eat, may be more willing to try new things
  • exposure to other interests eg choir, sports
  • learn that not everything is easy
  • learn to push themselves instead of coasting
  • time for me to have a hobby
  • get help to get up to "grade" level
  • will get the chance to experience a "regular" schedule of work, meals and play
  • hopefully more friends for a birthday party or play dates
  • home will be tidier and cleaner due to no kids around
  • bullies but hopefully not
  • negative attitude from a teacher
  • unable to "fit in" when it is necessary
  • uniform costs
  • pushing of reading may lead to dislike of lifelong reading
  • disrespect of mum and dad, more respect for teachers
  • miss out on a more interesting education with bunny trails
  • miss out on using lots of resources I already have
  • "system" doesn't care about my values for my family
  • house may be "too quiet"
  • focused teacher attention so won't "fall through the cracks" if some area is not learnt well
  • hugs and support when work is hard
  • can learn at own pace with choice of curriculum to suit learning style
  • better breakfasts
  • too easy to slow down too much too often
  • distraction of TV and PCs
  • Mum gets distracted by "projects"
  • Mum's health can be up and down and days, even weeks, can be missed until she is better
  • messy and noisy house nearly all the time
  • can't keep up with household chores on my own in the time available
 Well, at least now I can "lose" the piece of paper I was writing it all down on.  And not everything is equally weighted in it's impact, so the decision is still not easy.  Ah well!

Best wishes

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