Sunday, December 16, 2012

Home School to Public School - 44 days to go

So here is my scratch list so far of the Pro's and Con's of School and Homeschool.

I know not everything is here but these are the ones that are important to me and keep me thinking (and worrying!).

  • packed lunch
  • see what others eat, may be more willing to try new things
  • exposure to other interests eg choir, sports
  • learn that not everything is easy
  • learn to push themselves instead of coasting
  • time for me to have a hobby
  • get help to get up to "grade" level
  • will get the chance to experience a "regular" schedule of work, meals and play
  • hopefully more friends for a birthday party or play dates
  • home will be tidier and cleaner due to no kids around
  • bullies but hopefully not
  • negative attitude from a teacher
  • unable to "fit in" when it is necessary
  • uniform costs
  • pushing of reading may lead to dislike of lifelong reading
  • disrespect of mum and dad, more respect for teachers
  • miss out on a more interesting education with bunny trails
  • miss out on using lots of resources I already have
  • "system" doesn't care about my values for my family
  • house may be "too quiet"
  • focused teacher attention so won't "fall through the cracks" if some area is not learnt well
  • hugs and support when work is hard
  • can learn at own pace with choice of curriculum to suit learning style
  • better breakfasts
  • too easy to slow down too much too often
  • distraction of TV and PCs
  • Mum gets distracted by "projects"
  • Mum's health can be up and down and days, even weeks, can be missed until she is better
  • messy and noisy house nearly all the time
  • can't keep up with household chores on my own in the time available
 Well, at least now I can "lose" the piece of paper I was writing it all down on.  And not everything is equally weighted in it's impact, so the decision is still not easy.  Ah well!

Best wishes


  1. I'm still praying for you as you make the decision.

    1. What does your husband think? Often they can evaluate things like health and keeping up with house work better than the person actually doing the stuff :-)


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