Sunday, October 28, 2018

Frozen in Inaction due to Fear

The fear of failure is bringing the past into the future 

while doing nothing today.  

This isn't a great quote from anywhere (unless I am remembering something I read somewhere and I don't know where) but just from my pondering this morning as I think about the planning I need to do for groceries this week and this next interval of school work. 

I am over sitting down to do either of these jobs and having my gut recoil in fear.  And so often to avoid that pain I won't do anything, just making it worse next time it becomes critical to do these jobs.  I am also doing more research into my migraine symptoms as they occur and too often Google tells me that my symptoms are anxiety headaches yet I don't think I feel anxious.  Maybe my gut reaction is saying something different.

Off to eat my frogs,

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