Monday, February 6, 2012

Science for homeschooling

Science: The Search by David Quine

A science curriculum I intend to check out for boys for fun learning.  From what I read about how it works I think it really fits in with the philosophies that Doug Stowe on his blog discusses about being hands on with our education, although that isn't exactly what he discusses but what I glean from his insightful posts about education and working with our hands.

We currently use God's Design for Life curriculum as it is quick and easy to pick up and go.  We could do with some more critical thinking here though and this could hit the spot.

Best wishes

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Bubble Routine for Term 1 2012

I don't like time limitations on how I organise my days.  I have learnt that having a toddler or baby almost constantly for the last 13.5 years means days do not run to a clock.  I do however want to have some routines in place, a flow to our day that means I can hopefully get my more important things done regularly.

I have created what I call Bubble Routines, a flow to my day with expanding and shrinking bubbles of time that include certain tasks or events but do not have set times for them to happen.  For example I have my boys all do Language Arts together.  Some days it may mean the 6 year old needs more time and the others will get less, sometimes it is the 9 year old or the 13 year old.  And some days the 3.5 year old may be very demanding and I prune our Language Arts list down to the bare essentials that can be done with very little involvement from me.

Here is my ideal routines for the first term of 2012.  I am very hopeful that I will be able to act on this as I have created matching cards for myself as I find I can get very easily sidetracked.

Believe me, every day doesn't flow as well as my table does but it sure helps to see the map even if sometimes we have gone bush for a while.

Best wishes
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