Monday, November 17, 2014

Sorting out a cleaning schedule

We have moved into our new house, been here just over 3 weeks, and I think it is time to create a cleaning schedule.

I first came across the idea of "zones" with FlyLady a very long time ago.  Her zones never suited my house so I learned to make my own.   Having just moved into a new house the old zones from a 100 year old house don't suit a modern home with a proper laundry and 3 bathrooms.  (Yes, a Proper Laundry and 3 bathrooms!)

I have taken my old schedule and tweaked it a bit.  It generally takes a good few hours and a bar or two of chocolate to sort it out, but it is so nice once done to have a plan.  And of course the motivation to get it done is high when you have just moved out of a house and noticed just how much dust there was on the tops of the books and how many cobwebs were hiding on walls where I couldn't reach them before.

My scribbles:

I have now created some lovely pages which I will print out and bind with my menu plans for a complete housekeeping book. 

I know there are prettier ones out there but I just wanted functional and easy to understand.  This will work quite well for me for 6 months when I will most likely decide to tweak it.

Now to finish those boxes, create a plan for the new homeschooling authority I need to work with, and figure out how I am going to get enough time to do Uni studies in 2 week's time.

Best wishes

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