Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Weekly Planner

It sometimes takes some tweaking to find a style that works for me.  I knew I wanted the whole week's work laid out but due to my varying levels of energy due to allergies and my late nights at work I didn't want to restrict certain work to certain days.  If I am having a good day I want to zoom through as much as possible but if not then I want to at least hit the basics and not feel guilty at dropping the rest.

This is what last week looked like.  You can't see in the scan but each morning I highlight with yellow highlighter the work I aim to get done that day.  Sometimes it is just the basics list, other days it is more.  The good thing is that if something got highlighted on Tuesday but didn't get done on Tuesday then I just have it highlighted ready for Wednesday, no guilt due to a "Due Date" written beside it.

As you can see I could with working getting even my Bare Bones Essentials done consistently but I am starting to see a pattern of what gets dropped on a busy day.  I may have to adjust my time management or my expectations.  :-)

 Best wishes

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Homeschool Manual


Have you ever had a really good idea but then in the flow of life with its ups and downs never implemented it?  Or maybe you have?

Today I found I had implemented a really good idea... twice.  :-)

As I have shuffled things around in this house I got 2 filing boxes in one place at one time and in looking through them realised that I had set up an almost identical filing system twice over for our homeschooling papers.

After having to read a training manual at work this last week I realised that I need a manual for homeschooling.  I am creating a document that lists out my goals for homeschooling, my plans for school, where things are stored and how the paper should flow through this system.

I am even thinking of creating a flow chart to show where things go when.  lol  Too much?!

Folders and boxes are now getting labels with official sounding names like Future Planning - Lesson Plans and Materials (a binder for the overview of topics and how they fit into the big picture) and Future Planning - Subject Materials (a large file box with folders for each subject for those miscellaneous things you find like a great game or crossword puzzle or fun activity, and folders for each resource that I have to copy to use eg Critical Thinking books, and folders for lessons plans with the materials that relate to them and a list of other resources and their location.

I already have Subject Boxes sitting in a bookshelf that have the current books that we are using for that subject and a small file folder that contains any worksheets or printed resources that will be needed for the current week.  Next week's work is in the Future Planning - Lesson Plans and Materials binder or the Future Planning - Subject Materials box.

The planning side of my personality is already feeling better.  I hate feeling overwhelmed.

So, how many people have a homeschool manual?  What do you have in yours and why did you decide to create it?

Best wishes

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Time Management Alone Not Enough - Essay

This is an essay I wrote last year for a Uni prep subject.  Thought I would post it here.  Looking back at it I can see it has a few wrinkles but still it got me a good mark.  :)

Having dreams and being able to put in place actions that will lead to their realisation is a feature of humans that sets them apart from animals.  Many wonderful inventions such as the light bulb, the aeroplane and liquid paper have been created from the dreams in the minds of passionate and creative men and women.  Knowing how to turn those ethereal dreams and goals into physical realities effectively requires appropriate tools for time management and the achievement of dreams and goals for individuals, and for our society as a whole.  Time management alone is not sufficient.
Most people get caught up in thinking that if they finish their daily To Do List or achieve that elusive goal that their life will be complete.  This action component of goal setting is not enough though, unless it is acknowledged that humans are not only a physical body completing physical actions but also a spiritual being that needs meaning in life. Covey et al. (1994) and Smith (2000) agree that goal setting without a guiding passion or value can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction with life.  To Do Lists alone fail to bring dreams into reality for most.
In “First Things First” Covey et al. (1994) writes of four generations of time management. It is suggested that people with the first generation time management style action tasks without thought of priorities while second generation style time managers plan and schedule but don’t relate these activities to their priorities.  While possibly being able to be effective in their lives, those who follow either of the former styles will most likely find themselves living without a definite purpose in life and a feeling of dissatisfaction.  They are not realising their dreams. 
Third generation style time management people “achieve sizable gains in personal productivity through focused daily planning and prioritization” (Covey et al, 1994:25). While this may sound worthwhile this style may also prove dissatisfying.  The fourth generation moves on to a higher level of thinking, involving being aware of personal values, and being in touch with an individual’s uniqueness and their possible contribution to this world as they make decisions about what is written on their daily lists and what are their goal and dreams for life (Covey et al, 1994).  This level of time management is more likely to realise the dreams of those who utilise it.
Many time management systems available today focus on the second and third generation styles of organising, planning and creating task lists and schedules.  They miss the essential heart of the matter: that humans have hearts, with passions and a creativity that no other living being on this earth has.  Napoleon Hill (1965) suggests that each of us has a Major Definite Purpose in life and that when it is discovered we will know it for it will create a surge of energy in us (Hill, 1965:53).  Covey et al. (1994) also discuss creating a Mission Statement that inspires the individual and anchors them to that passion that helps make life worthwhile (Covey et al., 1994:116).
In day to day life there is a need to remember that humans are passionate and when driven by worthwhile dreams can achieve great feats.  While setting goals and writing task lists is a creditable action, it is valuable to note that there needs to be value in those goals and tasks or life can become a mundane pile of completed lists instead of a life of purpose.  When an individual knows what their passions are and what they value in life it will lead to a more satisfying life for them and will turn add value to our society as they achieve their dreams. 
There is a definite urgency for a different outlook on time management systems that acknowledges all of an individual’s needs, both spiritual and physical, if the human race is to continue flourishing as individuals, and as a whole.  Having purpose and reason to complete those To Do Lists will benefit the whole human race, not just the individual, and is a worthwhile reason to change how time is “managed”.

Covey, S.R., Merrill, A.R. & Merrill, R.R. 1994, First Things First, Fireside, New York, NY, USA.
Hill, N. 1965, The Master-Key to Riches, Ballantine Books, USA.
Smith, H.W. 2000, What Matters Most: the Power of Living Your Values, Fireside, New York, NY, USA.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Good, Bad and the Ugly! Or is it vice versa?

So working 20 odd hours a week can really change how you manage your life.  D'oh!  Of course it does!

The Ugly bit has been that our days do not start early.  My boys often don't get themselves breakfast and by the time I get up after a late night at work they are often entrenched in TV and PCs.  That certainly loads on the guilt.

The Bad is that I am not getting all the school done each day that I would like to get done.  We are not getting to the flesh of an education, only making bare bones a lot of the time, so school feels more like all work and no fun.

The Good is that I have learned to focus more quickly in the morning and even if I haven't had time to make a lovely written/typed out plan for the week I can still pick up each book we use daily and do something from it.  We have been doing rote memorising of times tables on the lounge, and spelling, grammar and writing are happening about 3-4 days a week.  The boys also work independently on their maths.  That is a lot more consistent than I have been in the past where I could miss weeks without realising it.  It also certainly helps when I like what we are using so there is no angst in getting out the books to do something, no matter how small.

It is school holidays and I hadn't intended to take a break but we are slowing down a little.  The boys have finally decided to talk to the kids down the street that are about their age.  I want them to go out and play.  I need to get my head wrapped around more realistic expectations of working and homeschooling and trim those huge plans I had at the beginning of the year back so they are workable.  I also need to finish off my Cert 3 course.

So, it is time to take a breather, fine tune what can be realistically done over the next 3 months and get on with some studies of my own.  Actually I am feeling pretty good about a time out.  Let's hope I use it effectively.

Best wishes

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Poetry Workshops Part 1

So... do you hate poetry like I do?  lol  I am really more a lay it out in logical order type of person and my drawing skills are horrible.

Anyway, I got chatting to a friend a few weeks ago and she encouraged me to do a poetry workshop for our kids together.

Over 3 or 4 days we looked at different ways words are used in poetry.  It was quite fun, especially the Dada method.  My friend had a bag of magnetic words which were piled onto a tray and we chose one at random each in turn.  Amazing how interesting the poems turned out.  Even though these poems are supposed to be devoid of meaning we would still look for it. 

It has been some time since we did this so I can't quite remember which was whose (I will correct this later when my friend reminds me. :-) ) but here are some pictures of our poetry.

I quite liked the last one and the second one. 

More to come, need to take photos of the boys' work.

Best wishes

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Handwriting Improving, Yipee!


Made myself a plan for improving the boys' handwriting.  It was really a big bug bear for me after their time in school.

It is sort of a mish mash of a few methods plus my own remembrances from school.

First stage - Magic C
1. Two lines of c shapes that start at 1 o'clock, bump the top line, curve around, bump the bottom line and come up again to 5 o'clock.
2.  Continue doing one line of magic c shapes and then one line of o.
3. Half a line of magic c and half a line of o and add in a full line of a, d, g and q one at a time.  We always do a half line of the basic shape and then use the other half of the line to review problem letters.

(I would get the children to circle the best 2 letters on each line in their opinion, and then I would tick above the good ones and double tick the awesome letters.  Sometimes I would make a note of a detail they might need to pay attention to next time, or add a smiley face!)

Finish off the magic c letters with a game.  Get them to draw a magic c then call out a letter to change it into.  This has really helped with making sure that g for instance has the circle part on the line instead of the tail touching the bottom line.  It also helped the shape of a to be more round instead of a bit like a tear drop.  I add this game in whenever we have had a break for a while to just get them back into handwriting.

Second stage - bump letters
1. Two lines of caterpillar humps, in clusters of 4 or 5.  Check for even bumps, right to the top and down to the line and symmetry.
2. Continue doing basic shape for one line and add in r, n, m, h, b and p in stages.
3. Keep adding in review letters for half or a full line as you see the need.  Individualise!

Third stage - i, l, u, t, y, j
1. Practice short and tall vertical lines that start at the top and travel neatly down to the bottom line.
2. Continue doing basic shape and add in other letters.
3. Keep adding in review letters for half or a full line as you see the need.  Individualise!

Fourth stage - zig zag letters: v, w, x, z
1. Practice / and \ at the appropriate angles for the above letters.  One line at a time.  Check for good start and finish places.
2. Continue doing the basic shapes, 1/2 line each and add in v, w, x and z in stages.
3. Keep adding in review letters for half or a full line as you see the need.  Individualise!

Fifth stage - e, f, s, k
Honestly, we aren't this far yet and I can't see a common starting point for these letters so we may just do one line at a time and practice, practice, practice.

Sixth stage - Frog jump letters (Handwriting without Tears terminology)
F, E, D, P, B, R, N, M

Seventh stage - Starting Corner letters (HWT too, I think?!)
H, K, L, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Eighth stage - Centre Starter letters (HWT too, I think?!)
C, O, Q, G, S, A, I, T, J

The biggest thing  I try to remember with my boys is to not comment negatively on their handwriting in any other subject but I do comment very effusively when I see a beautifully formed a or g in their other writing.

It is working.  Little g now sits on the line more often than not and a is formed much more roundly instead of a tear drop shape.

Anyway, hope that helps someone.

Best wishes

Monday, May 11, 2015

Time trudges by and so do I!

Well, I have learned that it is not a good idea to pick up extra shifts regularly.  Working 4 nights a week for 3 weeks in a row was way too tiring.  The extra money will be helpful because due to tiredness I accidentally grazed a car in a parking lot.  Not so easy to see a low sports car when you are sitting up in a Tarago.  So that just shows it doesn't pay to do more work than you are physically capable of.  I know my limits.  Only 3 nights a week and I won't find myself trudging through life. :-)

Back on track now.  I hope!


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Daily List for School

In discussing how school worked and didn't work for the boys they mentioned that they liked having a daily list up to see so they knew what was coming next.

I have had this roll of Ikea paper for ages and not known what to do with it.  Now it sits up on top of the shelves we have in our school room. Behind this board is a small white board that we use for spelling and then behind that are boxes for each boy and various odds and sods.

I just roll up the paper for spelling and then drop it back down to keep crossing things off.  I must admit it helps me too as I plan out the day in large writing which is just right for my morning brain.

Best wishes

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Let's Try This Again, Shall We?

So, we have started back at school again after the hiatus with my training and recovering.

It isn't going too bad now.  I have got a very serious plan together for Language Arts, I have made a list for the Maths books the boys are working through, and I am getting some headway with my Geography plans.

In this last week I saw some great headway made by my middle two with their handwriting and spelling.  They are getting back into their maths books but really need to focus better.  And work faster!

This week and last week were one day short due to the long weekend for Easter but due to the school holidays the homeschool group activity we go to on a Wednesday won't be on so I will catch up a bit then with a full day of work instead of a half day.

I met a new family last week with one boy.  He gets on really well with my second boy.  And we all had a great time visiting them.  What else could you want if you have a kitten, a tank full of frogs, Lego everywhere, Minecraft on a network and a Wii?  Boy Heaven!!

I am slowly getting used to the midnight finishes.  My body clock keeps resisting the change but I am staying consistent so that my driving home time is an alert time.  And the boys don't mind a little play time first thing in the morning while I sleep. 

Better get to bed now though, it is almost 12.20am.

Best wishes
Jen in Qld

Monday, March 9, 2015

Another Break but a Good Reason

Well, I had a break and then tried to get right back into the work but we had a few interuptions with our pamphlet delivering job.  Huge amount and it took most of 2 days to handle.  Then I had an immunology needle.  Yuk!  By the end of last week I had had enough and we went to Dreamworld for the most part of Friday. 

This week is going to be a bit light on for school work as I am doing 2 weeks of full time work training for my new job.  Yes, I got it!  So glad that someone was willing to give me, a mum with no formal qualifications of any type, and no recent work experience (7 years ago for a supermarket, and 17 years ago for an office), a go.  I think I will really like the company.  Great vibe there today.

It is going to be part time work at night for 3 nights a week.  They were able to make it so I can have the appropriate day off each week so I can still take the boys to a homeschooling group.  I can't wait to go to work tomorrow.  :-)  Now that is a good sign for a new job, isn't it?

Back to our normal program soon,

Best wishes

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week Five Wrap-up sort of!

To put it frankly not enough school happened this week.  I am a bit cranky about it.  On Monday I had two children in the middle stage of a cold so feeling miserable - no school day.  Then on Tuesday between getting my eldest to work and then me to a job interview in the middle of the day that was very long (no news yet) there was really very little time for school if I could even consider fitting it in.  On Wednesday our pamphlet delivering job took over, 16 and 11 in two different areas and another day of no school.  Thursday was ok but Friday was a dribble of a day as I am finding I really struggle with irregular meals and I have been having horrible sleep lately too, so the day just petered off.

I want this coming week to be better but it was supposed to be a break week and I am struggling mentally with the amount of work not done.

I need a proper break, a little change of scenery but with so much to do I don't know how to fit it in.


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week Three and Four Wrap-up

We had a good two weeks with us gradually building up the expectations of each day's work.  I am finding that my children learn better in small chunks than one big long lesson and then move on. 

I am not sure if I am happy with this as I wonder if it is showing a lack of ability to focus for longer than 5 to 10 minutes on one topic.  I also feel that we are possibly dragging out lessons that could go a lot quicker.  :-(

I have never been very good at lots of photos but we had some great lessons in the last few weeks.  We learned about the orchestra, reviewed nouns, made funny sentences with homophones and read Aboriginal myths.

We also dug out the marrow of a whopping great big bone I got from the butcher and then boiled the bone to see what was left after the marrow dissolved.  We made lots of glove balloons after we cleaned up the marrow and blood.  By the way not all boys are interested in icky gooey stuff.  lol  Harry really didn't want to look too closely at the bone.  But on a good point I found out that he is pretty confident with, and even enjoys, reading comprehension worksheets.  This is great news as I know now he will be able to learn much more in depth material than what I can cover while keeping a 6 year old interested also.

The boys were very enthusiastic about telling me about the Aboriginal myths they knew.  I really will have to go read the one about how the birds got their colours.  Something to do with a dying bird?!

I also worked out that the younger two can work on some hands on critical thinking skill worksheets when Griffin (6) needs someone to pay him some attention and I can spend more focused time with Jackson. 

School is really starting to come together.  I can't wait to show you what my husband and I are making for our school table.  I hope the boys will really enjoy showing off some creativity with these new items.

In the meantime, I am also studying so I can get some part time work.  I will have more to juggle then. :D

Best wishes

Friday, January 30, 2015

Week Two Wrap-up

Well, if I learned anything this week was to be prepared, get a good night's sleep and be prepared.  :-)

Oh, and keep records!

The older three boys and I are competing in a times table competition.  I copy off sheets for us to do a timed test.  I am losing at times because we have a rule that the writing needs to be neat and legible.  Oops!  Source: http://www.ricgroup.com.au/product/times-table-challenge/  So far we are leap frogging each other up the charts.

In maths the boys all worked on a few exercises in Singapore Maths.  Griffin doesn't quite have the attention span for a lot of bookwork so I will need to remember to play more games with him.  Lots of resources available so that isn't a problem.  I am getting Jackson and Harry to do the Practice exercises after each chapter as an exam.  They will need to get 85% or better to pass and move on.  If they get less then they need to review their mistakes, look back through their previous work and then do another practice exercise.  I am also noting if the mistakes are number fact based or concept based.  If I feel it is concept based I will sit down with them one on one and go through it slowly to be sure they have it.  They can do the alternate questions they skipped the first time through that section.

Harry didn't pay attention to the +/- symbols so he ended up doing a second test. Jackson needs to do a bit more work before he gets to his first "test".  I will use the Review Tests as tests for actual marking and grading.

We did a big chunk of work on geography, labeling land forms, using a compass work sheet and then labeling an outline map of Australia with states and major landmarks.  Source: Enchanted Learning website - worth becoming a member of as the Australian content was good and I like how the work is "graded" by members.  I also used some pages from Amazing Hands on Map Activities.

 Griffin (6.5) did quite well with the compass directions.  Surprised me!

We also did two parts of Unit One in a book called English Magic.  Don't bother trying to find it.  It was published in Queensland in the 80s.  I have Year 5 which I am using with the middles, Harry (10) and Jackson (13), and the Year 6 book.  Despite it being a Qld book it isn't in the State Library and nowhere online.  :-(

Such a great book, with sections for reading comprehension, composition, poetry, word roots, punctuation and grammar, and even how to speak clearly and with correct emphasis.  lol I am having to slow it down a bit, not sure if it is because the boys missed the topics while homeschooling or due to them not getting them at school. ?!

We visited the State Library late in the week and the younger two made monster crowns and arm bands.  We also went across to the Gallery of Modern Art where we looked at two exhibitions, and did some participating too of course.  The obliteration room was fun.  Probably the only time my kids have had free reign with stickers.  ;-)  And I particularly liked the Journey to Fantastic Lands exhibition.  There was a thought provoking short film, lovely miniature displays and an interactive video that I loved watching Jackson and Griffin participating in.

You can hear me giggling at the end as I loved the way Jackson makes faces.

I also found out that they are showing a variety of movies as part of a Myths and Legends exhibition.  We will be going to see E.T. as a family and then hubby and I are going to see the Lord of the Rings trilogy over 3 weekends.  Tickets are only $9 for adults.  Not bad!

So I only recorded 2 days of work in my book but I know we did a lot more and it was a good week.  Still need to do some prep for History and Science but this week has been a break as my allergies have flared up and I will get prepared as best as I can for next week so it goes better.

Best wishes

Monday, January 19, 2015

Week One Wrap-up

Well we started back last week.  I was so over the holidays!  It had been rather extended, what with moving in Term 4 and not really being able to do much with books and materials still packed.  And starting now means that we have leeway later in the year, or we can get out the books 4 days a week and still get a lot done.  :-)

We started out nice and slow.  It has become a habit now to start with two lines of handwriting.  Jack and Harry are working on their magic "c"s as that shape is the basis of so many letters.  I am getting them to focus on consistent sizing and good shape.  I also look for holding style so that I can correct it now at the basic stage.  Yes, I know, they are much older than basic stage at almost 13 and almost 10 but it is never too late to return to basics if you find they are missing or poorly mastered.

The same two boys are also doing a timed times table focus sheet each morning.  Looks like there is work to be done there too.  I am not sure if I am being too hard on them now or if I was too soft on them when I homeschooled them earlier.

The middle two are also doing Sequential Spelling level 1.  Harry is a good speller but this will help me to see if there are any problem areas and help to know what to work on.  Jackson will probably struggle for a while but I hope to start his phonics next week.  Hopefully that helps!

All boys went on to work on their maths work.  Griffin worked with Stiles from Learning Ladder as I couldn't find his Singapore Maths book but Jack and Harry worked through as many exercises as they could in their books.  I have dropped them back a few levels to consolidate their skills.  They do only every second problem but I will get them to do the others if I can see they aren't fully understanding a concept once I reteach the topic.

Harry needs to show his working.  He works well in his head but loses it when carrying and I need to see where/when this happens.

Science was not easy to do this week.  I hadn't fully prepared all my materials.  Boy, hadn't realised how much work is needed until I wrote it all out.  :D  All good, I have a template now and it should be all go for the rest of the year.

We did manage to fit in a Geography excursion to a local library for a performance called Circular Rhythm with didgeridoos and rhythm sticks.  It was possibly for smaller kids than some of mine but it was fun and Harry got to have a go at the didgeridoo.

It was interesting to learn that didgeridoo is the English word for the instrument, not the Aboriginal word.  And we respected that women in a lot of areas do not play it.  Good little lesson for the boys on respecting other's beliefs.

The last two days of the week were so horrible for temperature and humidity that we just blobbed around.

Overall a good start to school for 2015.  I wrapped it up by buying some folding chairs for our school table from Ikea.  I couldn't sit on the old stools without feeling like it might disappear from under me.  And I learned something very important, only shop at Ikea during the week.

Looking like it will be an even better week this week so will update you when it is over.

Best wishes

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lesson Planning by Me

I have just created my first lesson plan in great detail.  In the past I have used prepackaged curricula, usually the type I can just pick up and read the next bit.  Not very creative, huh?  Well, I have at least two children in my school room who will appreciate learning with more guts and at least a different two who will like a hands on approach.  This is my first science lesson laid out.  I hope I remembered everything.  :-)

Science Week One Lesson Plan
Lesson Overview
Lesson Title
Human Body - Skeleton
Lesson Summary
Learn about skeleton, bones and joints, what they do, how they look, where they are, what they are made of
Subject Area(s)

Approximate Time:   3 hours (Week One, possibly Week Two) plus field trip in first full week that PS goes back
Actual Time:
Student Objectives/
Student will be able to:
- understand how the human skeleton supports and protects our bodies

Skills to Learn
- feeling where their bones are in their body
- using their joints to move and knowing what type of joint is involved
Content to Know
- being able to identify major bones  in the body and their location and function
- understanding the structure of bones themselves and the role they play in the health of the whole body
- understanding the role of joints and identifying man-made items that utilise similar jointing systems
- The Usborne Complete Book of the Human Body Internet-linked (UCBHB)
-  Blood and Guts: A Working Guide to Your Own Insides by Linda Allison (B&G)
- Primary Anatomy by John V. Basmajian (PA)
- Lyrical Life Science Volume 3 - The Human Body (LLS3)
- God’s Design for Life The Human Body by Debbie Lawrence and Richard Lawrence (GDLHB)
- Inside My Body Lapbook with Study Guide by Learning Journey (IMB)
- Lyrical Life Science Volume 3 - The Human Body Workbook (LLS3WB) pg.7 (2 copies)
- Reproducible Activities The Human Body by Daryl Vriesenga (RAHB) pg. 3 (2 copies), 6 (2 copies) and 7 (3 copies)
Notebooking Supplies
- Skeletal System pg. 16 IMB (3 copies)
- Inside a Bone pg. 18 IMB (3 copies)
- Classification of Bones pg. 19 IMB (3 copies)
- What is the purpose of your joints? pg. 23 (3 copies)
-Need 3 paper fasteners (pins with fold back legs)
Activity Supplies
- Butcher - ask for shin bone cut lengthwise, also beef knuckle for seeing how a joint works
- Gloves for handling of bone pieces
- Cut out skeleton figures pp 19-20 GDLHB (3 copies)
- Need 15 paper fasteners (pins with fold back legs)
- Lyrical Life Science The Human Body CD (LLS3CD)
Internet Resources (Viewing and Doing)
- Youtube How Your Bones and Skeleton Work by KidsHealthVideos
Other Resources
and Activities
- Visit to Sciencentre for short term feature - Humanoid Discovery and do the associated activities
- Visit ongoing display at Sciencentre and look at the skeleton in the closet, see what the boys have retained from the lesson

Lesson Details
Prior Knowledge, Hook for New Information
- Ask boys to find the bony parts of their bodies and tell me the name of the bones if they know them
- Ask the boys what bones do, write up on whiteboard
- Read pp 18-19 The Skeleton UCBHB, discuss
- Show images on development of long bones pg. 22 PA, different shapes of vertebra pg. 26 PA, arm bones pg 12 LLS3, leg bones pg 13 LLS3
- Read pp 20-21 Joints UCBHB, discuss
- Read Lesson 8 GDLHB Joints

- Inside a Long Bone Pg 27 B&G physical examination of bone
- Listen to LLS3CD Track 2, use lyric sheet if necessary to understand all the words
- Identify types of joints from Lego pieces and around the house

Independent Activities
- Read pp 9-15 independently and do worksheet - The Skeletal System worksheet pg. 7 LLS3WB Jackson and Harry
- Worksheet Label Your Framework pg. 3 RAHB Jackson and Harry
- Worksheet The Leg Bone’s Connected to the Hip Bone pg. 6 RAHB Jackson and Harry
- After Inside a Long Bone activity - Worksheet Your Bones pg. 7 RAHB (all boys)
- create lap booking pieces to be filed for later assembly as lapbook

- Put together skeleton (GDLHB) and attach to a page for binder
- Place lap booking pages in binder to be assembled into lapbook later
- Place completed worksheets into binder
- Do a quick verbal quiz on skeleton and identify major bones and main functions of the skeleton
- Quick verbal quiz on joints and be able to point out different joint types in our bodies and the man-made world
- Visit to Sciencentre for short term feature - Humanoid Discovery and do the associated activities
- Visit ongoing display at Sciencentre and look at the skeleton in the closet, see what the boys have retained from the lesson
Assessment of Lesson
Before Lesson
Teacher- Preparation - Goals clearly defined, materials and resources ready?

During Lesson
Students - Were they able to complete the activities?  Was the material at the right level for them?

After Lesson
Teacher - Were the resources and activities suitable?

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