Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lesson Planning by Me

I have just created my first lesson plan in great detail.  In the past I have used prepackaged curricula, usually the type I can just pick up and read the next bit.  Not very creative, huh?  Well, I have at least two children in my school room who will appreciate learning with more guts and at least a different two who will like a hands on approach.  This is my first science lesson laid out.  I hope I remembered everything.  :-)

Science Week One Lesson Plan
Lesson Overview
Lesson Title
Human Body - Skeleton
Lesson Summary
Learn about skeleton, bones and joints, what they do, how they look, where they are, what they are made of
Subject Area(s)

Approximate Time:   3 hours (Week One, possibly Week Two) plus field trip in first full week that PS goes back
Actual Time:
Student Objectives/
Student will be able to:
- understand how the human skeleton supports and protects our bodies

Skills to Learn
- feeling where their bones are in their body
- using their joints to move and knowing what type of joint is involved
Content to Know
- being able to identify major bones  in the body and their location and function
- understanding the structure of bones themselves and the role they play in the health of the whole body
- understanding the role of joints and identifying man-made items that utilise similar jointing systems
- The Usborne Complete Book of the Human Body Internet-linked (UCBHB)
-  Blood and Guts: A Working Guide to Your Own Insides by Linda Allison (B&G)
- Primary Anatomy by John V. Basmajian (PA)
- Lyrical Life Science Volume 3 - The Human Body (LLS3)
- God’s Design for Life The Human Body by Debbie Lawrence and Richard Lawrence (GDLHB)
- Inside My Body Lapbook with Study Guide by Learning Journey (IMB)
- Lyrical Life Science Volume 3 - The Human Body Workbook (LLS3WB) pg.7 (2 copies)
- Reproducible Activities The Human Body by Daryl Vriesenga (RAHB) pg. 3 (2 copies), 6 (2 copies) and 7 (3 copies)
Notebooking Supplies
- Skeletal System pg. 16 IMB (3 copies)
- Inside a Bone pg. 18 IMB (3 copies)
- Classification of Bones pg. 19 IMB (3 copies)
- What is the purpose of your joints? pg. 23 (3 copies)
-Need 3 paper fasteners (pins with fold back legs)
Activity Supplies
- Butcher - ask for shin bone cut lengthwise, also beef knuckle for seeing how a joint works
- Gloves for handling of bone pieces
- Cut out skeleton figures pp 19-20 GDLHB (3 copies)
- Need 15 paper fasteners (pins with fold back legs)
- Lyrical Life Science The Human Body CD (LLS3CD)
Internet Resources (Viewing and Doing)
- Youtube How Your Bones and Skeleton Work by KidsHealthVideos
Other Resources
and Activities
- Visit to Sciencentre for short term feature - Humanoid Discovery and do the associated activities
- Visit ongoing display at Sciencentre and look at the skeleton in the closet, see what the boys have retained from the lesson

Lesson Details
Prior Knowledge, Hook for New Information
- Ask boys to find the bony parts of their bodies and tell me the name of the bones if they know them
- Ask the boys what bones do, write up on whiteboard
- Read pp 18-19 The Skeleton UCBHB, discuss
- Show images on development of long bones pg. 22 PA, different shapes of vertebra pg. 26 PA, arm bones pg 12 LLS3, leg bones pg 13 LLS3
- Read pp 20-21 Joints UCBHB, discuss
- Read Lesson 8 GDLHB Joints

- Inside a Long Bone Pg 27 B&G physical examination of bone
- Listen to LLS3CD Track 2, use lyric sheet if necessary to understand all the words
- Identify types of joints from Lego pieces and around the house

Independent Activities
- Read pp 9-15 independently and do worksheet - The Skeletal System worksheet pg. 7 LLS3WB Jackson and Harry
- Worksheet Label Your Framework pg. 3 RAHB Jackson and Harry
- Worksheet The Leg Bone’s Connected to the Hip Bone pg. 6 RAHB Jackson and Harry
- After Inside a Long Bone activity - Worksheet Your Bones pg. 7 RAHB (all boys)
- create lap booking pieces to be filed for later assembly as lapbook

- Put together skeleton (GDLHB) and attach to a page for binder
- Place lap booking pages in binder to be assembled into lapbook later
- Place completed worksheets into binder
- Do a quick verbal quiz on skeleton and identify major bones and main functions of the skeleton
- Quick verbal quiz on joints and be able to point out different joint types in our bodies and the man-made world
- Visit to Sciencentre for short term feature - Humanoid Discovery and do the associated activities
- Visit ongoing display at Sciencentre and look at the skeleton in the closet, see what the boys have retained from the lesson
Assessment of Lesson
Before Lesson
Teacher- Preparation - Goals clearly defined, materials and resources ready?

During Lesson
Students - Were they able to complete the activities?  Was the material at the right level for them?

After Lesson
Teacher - Were the resources and activities suitable?


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