Monday, January 19, 2015

Week One Wrap-up

Well we started back last week.  I was so over the holidays!  It had been rather extended, what with moving in Term 4 and not really being able to do much with books and materials still packed.  And starting now means that we have leeway later in the year, or we can get out the books 4 days a week and still get a lot done.  :-)

We started out nice and slow.  It has become a habit now to start with two lines of handwriting.  Jack and Harry are working on their magic "c"s as that shape is the basis of so many letters.  I am getting them to focus on consistent sizing and good shape.  I also look for holding style so that I can correct it now at the basic stage.  Yes, I know, they are much older than basic stage at almost 13 and almost 10 but it is never too late to return to basics if you find they are missing or poorly mastered.

The same two boys are also doing a timed times table focus sheet each morning.  Looks like there is work to be done there too.  I am not sure if I am being too hard on them now or if I was too soft on them when I homeschooled them earlier.

The middle two are also doing Sequential Spelling level 1.  Harry is a good speller but this will help me to see if there are any problem areas and help to know what to work on.  Jackson will probably struggle for a while but I hope to start his phonics next week.  Hopefully that helps!

All boys went on to work on their maths work.  Griffin worked with Stiles from Learning Ladder as I couldn't find his Singapore Maths book but Jack and Harry worked through as many exercises as they could in their books.  I have dropped them back a few levels to consolidate their skills.  They do only every second problem but I will get them to do the others if I can see they aren't fully understanding a concept once I reteach the topic.

Harry needs to show his working.  He works well in his head but loses it when carrying and I need to see where/when this happens.

Science was not easy to do this week.  I hadn't fully prepared all my materials.  Boy, hadn't realised how much work is needed until I wrote it all out.  :D  All good, I have a template now and it should be all go for the rest of the year.

We did manage to fit in a Geography excursion to a local library for a performance called Circular Rhythm with didgeridoos and rhythm sticks.  It was possibly for smaller kids than some of mine but it was fun and Harry got to have a go at the didgeridoo.

It was interesting to learn that didgeridoo is the English word for the instrument, not the Aboriginal word.  And we respected that women in a lot of areas do not play it.  Good little lesson for the boys on respecting other's beliefs.

The last two days of the week were so horrible for temperature and humidity that we just blobbed around.

Overall a good start to school for 2015.  I wrapped it up by buying some folding chairs for our school table from Ikea.  I couldn't sit on the old stools without feeling like it might disappear from under me.  And I learned something very important, only shop at Ikea during the week.

Looking like it will be an even better week this week so will update you when it is over.

Best wishes


  1. Ikea is even better at night during the week, an hour or so before closing. It's the only time I'll go there.

  2. You aren't being too hard on them but do realize they will have defiencies from being 'ignored' in traditional school. I had to do a lot of triage with my kids. Just realize that you are doing well by them and there is no rush.

  3. My daughter is almost 10 and we're working on handwriting. You're so right about going back to the basics. Sometimes she is on automatic and the handwriting shows. So then I tell her it will be evaluation day and to please remember all she has learned.


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