Monday, May 26, 2014

Money trees

Do you ever have one of those moments when you post something somewhere, in a comment, or whatever, and you think, gee, that was deep?  I had one of those today.  A comment I made to someone else that I thought I should really read every so often just to remind myself of it.

I think money trees are deciduous and they lose their outward growth sometimes.  But just when you really need it there will be new growth, and in the meantime you have grown... in patience, in thriftiness, in inventiveness.  I have had my seasons with dh's depression and under employment.  I now have faith that the others skills I "grew" during those hard times will hold me through the deciduous seasons and I am pretty sure they will happen again so I don't fear what I am pretty sure will happen.  I just prepare!

See, it was one of those!  OK, may be not for you  :-) , but it was significant for me.

Best wishes

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Study progress and other thoughts

So far my studies are going well.  I do notice I have a tendency to immerse myself in something that is important to me.  This has meant that not all the housework necessary for a smooth running household has been happening.  I tend to cram all my washing into the weekend and that is being too reliant on a nice weather weekend.  I need to change that.  After all I am not a teenager living at home where I can study as much as I want or think I need without thought to clean dishes and clothes and meals being provided.

My critical thinking course is very interesting and thought provoking.  I am learning about all sorts of fallacies with regards to arguing and how to determine if an argument is being strongly presented.  Thankfully so far I am tracking for a High Distinction.  I would really like that as I do have Big Plans for my future studies and good marks now will help with applying for scholarships later.

I will be studying my first Architecture subject next month.  I am a little excited and a bit nervous too but I have studied the basics of building when doing my drafting many years ago so it won't be too be a leap in understanding of concepts. 

The main issue I have now is balancing home, husband, health and homeschooling as well as my studies (couldn't figure out how to make that a H word  :-)  ).

I think if I want to continue studying I need to work out a plan.  Sadly that could mean an earlier bed time and an earlier wake up time.  I am better in the mornings for learning new things but I need to take into account the daily school wrangling (required with PS now and HS later) so I will need to start early enough to get a good amount of studying done but not so early that I am wiped out by mid morning.  lol

Funnily enough I have been tracking my sleep on my tablet and have noticed that 9 hours of sleep is a bit too much for me.  I feel more drowsy when I wake than when I have had only 7-8 hours.  The biggest deal for me seems to be the irregularity of my sleep and wake times. 

Of course, a dementia suffering, arthritically pained dog is not helping with 2am wake ups for the loo. It seems like I go from broken nights with babies to broken nights with an old dog.  I am even co-sleeping him (usually not allowed on beds) so he settles.  Ack!!  Well, I guess I could always switch the washing load and take advantage of the cheaper electricity overnight.  :-)

Well, there you have it.  I have been a busy little bee lately and will have for the next week with my final assessment of 1200-1500 words.  Check out the article I chose to analyse.  Very interesting!

Well, on the health front, I better go buy groceries.

Best wishes

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Engage in life!

I know I need to work harder on teaching my children to live in the real world.  Very true and poignant YouTube!

Best wishes

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Studying and keeping busy

Hi all,

Sorry it has been a while.  I decided to do something for myself this year while I have only 1 child at home.  That meant looking in to Uni and I found out that I can get FEE-Help even if only studying part time or online.  Yay!  I don't really want to study full time at this stage in my life. :-)

So... what am I studying?  Well, so far I have done an Academic Writing prep course (got 90% on each of the 4 assignments in this 6 week prep course) and am still to complete a Critical Thinking course through Macquarie University.  I am getting good marks so far, averaging about 80%.  I will finish it at the end of May.

My ultimate goal is to work on a Bachelor of Applied Science (Architectural Design) through Curtin University but to switch to Bachelor of Architecture through University of Qld when I can go full-time in probably about 3 or 4 years time.  I did some studying of Architectural Drafting way back in early days of our marriage but found studying and being newly married on a limited budget to be very difficult.  Still on a limited budget but I know how to manage myself better now.

As for the guy still at home, he is doing ACE, slowly at first, but he is really starting to get used to the work load now and we should be up to full speed this term some time.  Me studying has actually been a help I think as ACE is supposed to be independent but he does need me there to keep him working and not getting distracted.  I am able to sit opposite him quietly not distracting him by moving around the house and also close enough to prompt him to work when needed.  I also think me studying hard is a good example to him of how much work is required for a university level course.  We both sit at the table with our headphones on and work through from 9.30 to 12.  Pretty good!

I am not sure how I will arrange my time when the others come home but I am sure I will find a way.  It is nice to be studying something that isn't just about homeschooling.  It is like doing a job 24/7 and it wasn't always fun.  This is a nice distraction!

Well, off to do housework.  It never stops.

Best wishes,
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