Saturday, May 5, 2018

Week in Review Week 18 2018

I really thought this week would be a write off as I had all the signs of having a virus on the weekend but despite horrible headaches and a major amount of mucus I was able to get a barely minimum school week happening. 

We started a new maths curriculum and it is working out well, especially as I am using my Yogabook to chromecast to our lounge TV.  It is almost like having a smart board.  I can teach a lesson with ease and then assign the boys their work to do at their desks.

And my youngest, now almost ten, has been having a good attitude towards his assignments so that has been good too.

The bad part of my week was having my favourite guinea pig get sick and having a roller coaster ride as I tried to find out if she could be saved.  Sadly she couldn't. 😢

And I didn't get to do the extras but some is a lot better than none and considering my health physically and then emotionally then it wasn't too bad.  And next week is a fresh start.

Thank goodness!
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