Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Daily List for School

In discussing how school worked and didn't work for the boys they mentioned that they liked having a daily list up to see so they knew what was coming next.

I have had this roll of Ikea paper for ages and not known what to do with it.  Now it sits up on top of the shelves we have in our school room. Behind this board is a small white board that we use for spelling and then behind that are boxes for each boy and various odds and sods.

I just roll up the paper for spelling and then drop it back down to keep crossing things off.  I must admit it helps me too as I plan out the day in large writing which is just right for my morning brain.

Best wishes

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Let's Try This Again, Shall We?

So, we have started back at school again after the hiatus with my training and recovering.

It isn't going too bad now.  I have got a very serious plan together for Language Arts, I have made a list for the Maths books the boys are working through, and I am getting some headway with my Geography plans.

In this last week I saw some great headway made by my middle two with their handwriting and spelling.  They are getting back into their maths books but really need to focus better.  And work faster!

This week and last week were one day short due to the long weekend for Easter but due to the school holidays the homeschool group activity we go to on a Wednesday won't be on so I will catch up a bit then with a full day of work instead of a half day.

I met a new family last week with one boy.  He gets on really well with my second boy.  And we all had a great time visiting them.  What else could you want if you have a kitten, a tank full of frogs, Lego everywhere, Minecraft on a network and a Wii?  Boy Heaven!!

I am slowly getting used to the midnight finishes.  My body clock keeps resisting the change but I am staying consistent so that my driving home time is an alert time.  And the boys don't mind a little play time first thing in the morning while I sleep. 

Better get to bed now though, it is almost 12.20am.

Best wishes
Jen in Qld
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