Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week Five Wrap-up sort of!

To put it frankly not enough school happened this week.  I am a bit cranky about it.  On Monday I had two children in the middle stage of a cold so feeling miserable - no school day.  Then on Tuesday between getting my eldest to work and then me to a job interview in the middle of the day that was very long (no news yet) there was really very little time for school if I could even consider fitting it in.  On Wednesday our pamphlet delivering job took over, 16 and 11 in two different areas and another day of no school.  Thursday was ok but Friday was a dribble of a day as I am finding I really struggle with irregular meals and I have been having horrible sleep lately too, so the day just petered off.

I want this coming week to be better but it was supposed to be a break week and I am struggling mentally with the amount of work not done.

I need a proper break, a little change of scenery but with so much to do I don't know how to fit it in.



  1. I would take the week off and get your oomph back. Maybe just read aloud during the week, once a day, from a book that's enjoyable to all. Or watch a documentary a day.

  2. Take the week off and go on a little holiday. Down on the border between NSW and VIC is a good place, then we could hang out and do tea or coffee and what nots. :o)

  3. Don't get cranky about having a week off. When kids are sick, they don't want to do school work. You can always make it up on weekends or through project days. It gets easier to manage over time and the kids get more independent. Just hang in there. Remember the first year of homeschooling is the time where you are getting to know your family and set your routine.


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