Monday, February 6, 2012

Science for homeschooling

Science: The Search by David Quine

A science curriculum I intend to check out for boys for fun learning.  From what I read about how it works I think it really fits in with the philosophies that Doug Stowe on his blog discusses about being hands on with our education, although that isn't exactly what he discusses but what I glean from his insightful posts about education and working with our hands.

We currently use God's Design for Life curriculum as it is quick and easy to pick up and go.  We could do with some more critical thinking here though and this could hit the spot.

Best wishes


  1. I haven't heard of this. I'm off for a 'search'!

    1. Jeanne, I haven't been able to purchase it yet from their website. There seems to be issues with their shopping cart and I haven't had any replies to my emails. I have seen it advertised second hand on some forum somewhere, Sonlight, I think. Good luck!


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