Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Watching my food Day 5 and 6

Yesterday was a complete write off.  I sadly now know that they have the kJ value beside each meal on a McDonald's drive thru menu.  Yup, McDonald's for lunch and I think I am going to just stick my head in the sand about how many kJ there are in an Angus with fries and juice.  And then to dinner!!!

My excuse - have been so busy that the dishes were not done from Monday fully before Tuesday afternoon arrived so my sink was overflowing.  Sadly it was also leaking and the maintenance guy came by to redo the seal around the drain... couldn't use sink for 24 hours at least.  So as all good well-prepared people do I "flexed" around my curve ball and ordered pizza.  Yum!!

So today I just moped.  And ate lollies, and fruit cake.  And not a single healthy thing yet while trying to do dishes in a basin.

Ok whinge over.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Portion counting and timing of meals will be my focus.  Well, after I get the dishes finished.  :)

Best wishes

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