Sunday, May 15, 2011

Grocery breakdown 14 May

This week's grocery breakdown relates to Week 4 minus the roast.  Thankfully dh could see my stress levels rising as I got to the end of the supermarket for meat and produce.  He let his favourite meal go and we have substituted a soup or two.  Pumpkins were less than $1/kg so pumpkin soup will definitely be on the menu this week.

Fresh Produce $55.48
Dairy Products $28.79
Frozen Goods $7.98
Meat $24.55
Bread $5.00
Pantry Items $67.16
Bath and Baby $0
Dog $0
Treats $0

Spent at supermarket $188.96

I also did an early morning trip to my local Steggles outlet and bought 6 kg of thigh fillets for $36.80, 10 twin packs of Sweet Chilli Chicken wraps at $2 each (normal supermarket price approx. $8) and 2 1 kg bags of chicken bites similar to KFC chicken for $8.50 each.  Total $73.80

Total spend: $262.76

The chicken will last quite a while which is good, but the freezer is still very low.  It is not normally as empty as it is now but I would like to defrost it soon.

We have been planting out lots of seedlings and now that dh has shown a willingness to try more soups I can see our budget going down over the course of the year.  I also look forward to having chickens when spring comes around again.

Best wishes

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