Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Do you have any UFOs at your place?

I mean UFO in the quilting sense, UnFinished Objects.  Today while surfing I found a lady in Victoria who is co-ordinating the distribution of quilts, crocheted items and knitted items to people in Victoria and Queensland left homeless by the floods late last year and earlier this year.

I know I personally have some left over quilting fabrics from the one time I thought I would try sewing.  One cushion cover later I decided it was all too hard.  My mum and I have also been crocheting a rug for years but after a long time it isn't much bigger than 50 cm square.  This lady has said she will get UFOs finished and donated to people who really need them.

If you do sew please check out what you can do.  Winter is coming and it is going to be really rough for a lot of families.  Her address is in clear view at the top of her blog.

Best wishes

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