Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Breastfeeding and losing weight!

I have been wondering if my goal of 8000 kJ is too low.

After some looking around I have come up with this site.   For my activity levels which you can tell are pretty low I can eat about 11,100 kJ.

So maybe my weight gain is not due to eating too much but not eating my meals at regular spacings (I forget to eat in the busy-ness of mornings and then munch all afternoon) and from eating very little vegetables and too much protein.  On the two days I calculated my protein I had close to 100g protein.  I am supposed to have 70g due to breastfeeding.

It might be time to change my way of journalling.  I think I need to count my portions of foods to see that I am getting a good balance and try more to have evenly spaced meals during the day.

Wish me luck,


  1. Jen, I lost weight last year by having six small meals instead of three bigger ones as I was used to doing:) admittedly the in between small meals were more healthy 'snacks' as opposed to 'meals' but I believe that regular eating actually boosts metabolism so you may be onto something here...all the best!

  2. I agree, increase the amount of meals. Also, slowly swap out processed for non-processed.

    It's not so much how much we eat ( over all ) but WHAT we are eating.


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