Sunday, May 8, 2011

Groceries Breakdown 6 May

Well, after last week's shock of over spending I had to pay back Peter.  (As in Rob Peter to pay Paul!)

After 2 meals of fast food we had a minuscule budget.

Here is the grocery breakdown for this week.
Fresh Produce $31.40
Dairy Products $8.25
Frozen Goods $5.04
Meat $14.02
Bread $0
Pantry Items $19.61
Bath and Baby $3.98
Dog $0
Treats $6.00

Spent in total $88.30

We still have snacks for the next week, fresh fruit and plenty of vegetables and I will be cleaning out the freezer so I can defrost it.  It is very old and needs a good defrost anyway.

Do you want to know what we are going to be eating for that small shop?  Here is our menu for this next week.

B - Country Breakfast Casserole
L - Chicken Enchiladas for Mum and Dad, and Fish for boys
D - Devilled Sausages (from scratch, hate packet mixes)

B - Apple muffins, Cornflakes
L - Chicken wraps
D - Spaghetti

B - Baked Oatmeal
L - Macaroni with spam and vegies
D - Roast chickens, picked and put in wraps with salad

B - Egg and Bacon Wraps
L - Vegetable soup (crisper soup)
D - Granny Own's Chicken Casserole (has potato, onion, mushrooms, allspice, fennel and bay leaves, sour cream too, yum)

Thursday (pay day)
B - Porridge
L - Homemade Sausage rolls

After a good few year's experience of living on very little I know what meals are frugal.  These meals are not as frugal as some but then my family won't eat beans.  And you have to know your limits.

Best wishes


  1. I have to ask, what is the country breakfast casserole? It sounds interesting. I've heard from my brother (who lives in the USA) that meat is very expensive in the America ? Is this the case? I buy quite a bit of lamb and steak (I live in Australia ) as it isn't hugely expensive. I am very fond of lamb mince as it tends to have a little more flavour and cheaper than beef mince.

  2. Hi Jo,

    I am in NSW but have bought a few e-recipe books from the US. I will post the recipe for the country breakfast casserole in a new post.

    Thanks for visiting,


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