Thursday, April 14, 2011

Grocery breakdown 14 April

This grocery shop is for Week 4 of my menu plan rotation.

Fresh Produce $19.29
Dairy Products $32.22
Frozen Goods $0.00
Meat $58.41
Bread $3.79
Pantry Items $40.55
Bath and Baby $33.82
Dog $2.35
Treats $9.99

Spent in total $200.42 at local supermarket.

Meat was up a bit due to dh wanting a roast every so often and this is the week.  I had to buy a box of nappies for the baby.  Considering the cost it may be about time to really get him toilet trained.  Haven't been too serious about it as of yet.

Fresh produce was down as my fridge was still quite well stocked and my supermarket has been having some great clearances.  They park a trolley near the check outs and you fill a bag from the trolley for $2.  Tonight's win was 2 bags of seedless grapes and some chunks of cauliflower.  I also managed to get 2 bags of slightly bruised bananas for $2 each and with the current price at over $12 per kg I was very happy.  My eldest uses bananas in shakes so he peeled them and removed the damaged portions before freezing them.

Best wishes

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