Friday, March 25, 2011

Menu planning for Winter 2011

I have just spent about 5 hours working on a new monthly menu rotation.  Each week is not absolutely set in stone but if my brain is on holiday I at least have a plan and soon a shopping list.

Click on image to see it full screen.  Much easier to read. :) 

As previously posted I have 4 binders, one for each week.  It may take some time but I will be creating a standard shopping list for each week.  When it comes time to shop I will check my pantry for supplies already on hand and cross them off the list while adding to my list any supplies of my core items that are running low.

If you are wondering why some recipes are original, they are my own boring way of doing them.  Meals referencing Lorrie are from here.  I have this bundle and it is very inspiring for an overloaded mum who hates cold cereal and toast for breakfast.  After a 2 week trial of cold cereal and toast I have had kids who are more tired and who have shadows under their eyes and more meltdowns.  Back to cooked breakfasts here but changed so the cooking happens the night or even week before!

Best wishes


  1. Oh wow - you are organised! I try to plan a week in advance and do one shop, rather than 7.

  2. Ingi, I need to be this organised.

    In summer and at other times of year my grass allergies cause me severe tiredness and at times sinus headaches. I need to have a plan that I can just follow without thinking.

    I have found in the past that my grocery budget becomes more predictable too and I can figure out which menu plan is my "frugal" one for those tight weeks.


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