Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tracing sheets and brains

I have been looking into getting all my boys to do tracing sheets before doing our hand writing lesson each morning.  As I have been reading about neuroplasticity I have learnt that improving fine motor skills can also improve speaking, reading and writing.  In the experience of the researcher, Barbara Arrowsmith Young, all of these abilities are covered by the functioning of a part of the brain called the left premotor cortex.  In the book I read the exercises were done with the left eye covered by a patch so the right eye was taking the information in and feeding it to the appropriate side of the brain.

These 2 sites seem to have the best range of types of tracing exercises.  If you find any others with more complex shapes to trace I would be very interested.

Please note I am in no way an expert and am just trying to help my children in a way that I hope will not harm, and may even help them to develop.

Best wishes

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