Friday, March 25, 2011

Food buying this week

My foraging today

Chicken was my main aim today.

I bought:

6kg chicken thigh fillets  $46.80
4kg chicken thighs $8

I divided that out as follows:

5 packs of 750g approx of thigh fillets for main meals  ($5.85 each)
5 packs of 400g approx of thigh fillets for dh’s lunches for 2 weeks ($3.12 per pack)
3 packs of 4 rather large thighs each for main meals ($2.67 each)

I used to eat whole thighs a lot when I first moved out of home.  I am rather sensitive to undercooked meat though and didn’t find that the suggested cooking times for meals cooked the thighs enough for me.  It put me off buying them for over 20 years (wow, has it been that long?) but due to changes in our personal finances (feeling the pinch like I am guessing a lot of people are) I have resolved to try them again for a meal or two each week to help reduce costs.  Thankfully I now have a meat thermometer so I will be using it to be sure that each piece is fully cooked.

Good foraging today to all those responsible for feeding your family.

Off to price bulk fish and bulk beef.

Best wishes

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