Saturday, March 12, 2011

How's life going?

Well, I keep drifting in and out of forgetting and remembering and mourning for my Bandit.  Bobby was always more my dh's dog but I am trying to give him more attention anyway.  We have even taken him out with us when it is possible.

I think that life is getting back to a more even keel now that my dental work is over for 6 months and now that the heat is gone that exasperates my sinuses with grass allergies.  Now to just get back into the swing of buying my chicken in bulk again and also filling the freezer with some fish and other meats.  The poor food budget has dipped seriously into the red over the last 2 months.  A friend has had hers do the same so it may not be just my bad management but due to prices going up in little bits all over the place.

I am going to get out my old plans and get back to menu planning and bulk buying.  This year I am also adding chickens to our backyard and a good few vegetable patches.  I need to work on keeping the vegetable patches pretty though as they will be out in the front yard where it is best for full sun as long as possible.  I also have serious plans for a pumpkin vine or two and maybe even watermelon too.

Now to save up some money for garden edging and a chook pen.

Best wishes

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  1. It sounds like you have plans for a complete rural idyll with the vegetables and the chickens!! My kind of bliss!



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