Sunday, March 6, 2011

How much snack for your dollar? - Gala Apple vs Hazelnut Snickers Bar

Yup, not my healthiest snack but it was what I grabbed at the supermarket when I was tired and knew I would have to cook an entire meal as soon as I got home.

Gala Apple - $2.96/kg - average of 51c per apple
- 340 kJ per serve and lots of nutritional goodness

Hazelnut Snickers Bar - I try to justify this choice by saying nuts are good for me.  Hmm!
-  $24.53/kg - cost per serve of $1.30
- 1140 kJ per serve and dodgy nutritional goodness

Ooops, looks I would be a whole lot better going to the produce section if I need a snack while shopping.  My problem - at least I can keep the wrapper for the bar if I want to eat straight away and pay at the end of my shopping.  I can't eat my apple until after I leave the supermarket.

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