Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Play Day

I had a BOS inspector come yesterday to check up on my plans for schooling my just turned 6 year old.  It was quite frazzling as she is new to me and I was also thinking that we would be trying to assess progress for my 12 year old and almost 9 year old also.

Today with my approval filed (or is that piled?) I decided we needed to have some fun.  For lunch we went to the local park and had a picnic.  I invited another local homeschooling family along too.  On short notice they were only able to take a short break but it was really nice to be out with friends and away from screens.

One of the things my inspector asked for is photos showing the kids participating in different things and creating too.  She used the word evidence.  Sounds a bit scary to me, but then I guess it is about time this rather laid back family started to do some sort of records, especially on those days when I am spacey and book work doesn't happen.

So now we have an excuse to buy a new digital camera, yay!  lol

Best wishes


  1. Aha. Now I see why you are looking at camera models. Hehehehe.

    Photos are my favourite way of recording. Not so much for the bureaucrats, I'll let them see them, but more so for our own memories.

    I've been doing it for a few years now and have quite a collection of photos of our days. They are so nice to look back on. Especially for our kids.

    Their education is so unique that photos will be a great way for others, maybe their spouses one day, to give an idea of what their education was like.

    I just keep the camera out on a safe part of the bench and every time the kids sit down to do something, "snap, snap". I don't get them to look and smile and they are so used to it they don't even flinch...okay well sometimes they pull a face and I have to redo the photos. Kids! Heheheh.

    Takes practice but in no time I'm sure your love it.

  2. oh wow - think I will stay in VIC... NOTHING is required here! Doesn't mean we DO nothing of course... I just reckon being checked on would drive me NUTTY


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