Thursday, April 28, 2011

My weightloss goals

So I will be hitting the big 4 0 this year and I have decided that I don't think much of having gained about 15 -20 kg more than I would like.

I know trying to lose the whole 20 kg could be an uphill battle, after all my metabolism is probably going to work against me a bit at my age.  I would like to be down to 65 kg by summer when we go on family vacation to the Gold Coast.  It would be nice to be able to go to the beach without embarrassment.

Here is the plan:
  1. Add some extra exercise into my day.
  2. Eat healthier snacks, eg. more fruit and vegetables.
  3. Watch my portion sizes.
  4. Journal the whole thing because being aware of my activity and my food intake is a big part of the issue. 
As a busy homeschooling mum with a 2 year old I know from experience that getting out to a gym regularly is almost impossible.  My ideas on how I can add some extra exercise to my day are to add weights in the form of lifting my 18 kg baby up and doing deliberate repetitions up and down, and doing repetitions when lifting the washing basket also.  I can also get an upper body workout by making bread by hand every day and an aerobic workout by walking for at least 1/2 hour every day possible (and if it rains add in an aerobic session with some favourite music with the boys).

I think I will be more motivated on the healthy snacks if I remember I am doing it for everyone.  Some of my children need some training on attitude so we will see how long I can stick with it with opposition.  I already like to eat healthy snacks, I just don't always make an effort.

I really do need to stop eating while preparing food, stop eating the toddler's leftovers and make sure my serving size is a bit more reasonable.  My meals can be about the 2000 kJ mark and snacks around 800 kJ at 3  a day, giving me about 8400 kJ a day.  That still seems quite a bit but I am breastfeeding so I can't skimp too much without having a stressed hungry little person which will make me stressed, and there we go, back to baking lots of unhealthy snacks that disappear too fast.

Journalling won't be much fun, probably a bit embarassing, but from what I read accountability and awareness are 2 big factors in successfully losing weight.  I won't always do kJ counting but I will try to stick to a smaller plate and think about the serving sizes recommended in the food pyramid.

Oh, and another thing, apparently if you are getting enough sleep it can also help you lose weight.  Hmm, bed time!!

Best wishes


  1. Hi Jen
    Thanks for visiting my blog - it's lovely to find another Aussie home schooling mother blog! I hope you have a wonderful celebration year & you can meet your goals - I know I have a few kgs to loose & I know that portion control is one of my biggest battles. I decided this year I wouldn't eat any more than my eldest son, however he now eats so much I've reassessed that (I think he's having a growth spurt). I look forward in following along your journey!

  2. I'm just catching up as I've been away from blog land for the past few days:)
    Good on you for trying to lose weight!
    I love Borushek's pocket calorie counter too, have it in my handbag permanently lol!


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