Friday, April 1, 2011

Groceries break down 1 April 2011

I try to break down my grocery docket into categories.  Over time it shows me which areas are large, and which areas are overspends eg treats.

Fresh Produce     $42.66
Dairy Products     $34.26
Frozen Goods     $19.65
Meat     $18.45
Bread     $8.37
Pantry Items     $60.60
Bath and Baby     $11.47
Dog     $2.55
Treats     $10.38

 Spent in total $208.39 at local supermarket.

Meat     $23.40

Spent at the butcher next to the supermarket.

This shopping list coincides with Week 2 of my menu plan with a little adjustment here and there for some expected visitors.

Best wishes


  1. I leave the supermarket $250 poorer each week, minimum. We do eat gluten free due to coeliac disease. Well done for creating and following a plan!

  2. Hi! I noticed you started following my blog and I was just curious about you. I'm still relatively new to this whole blogging thing and so far it's just been family and friends who stop by. I'm just interested in what prompted the visit.

  3. Oh my goodness - the Pirate Movie! - of all crazy things. I think there is a small but fanatical following of that movie. I love it for all the reasons you list. How funny! We're big Aussie fans too - in fact we named our son Tasman after we spent a fabulous vacation there. Small, small world!


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