Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bathroom safety tips!

* never store plugs on the bench or where anyone under the age of 4 can reach (ask how I know not to do this! lol)

* store only bath mats, hand towels and face washers under your sink, avoid nasty and dangerous chemicals down low

* keep all razors up high above the height even an 8 year old can reach (my second shaved his eyebrows thanks to mum's razor when he was 8 years old!)

* spread the shower curtain out when finished, don't leave clumped at one side of the shower to grow mould

* use a small coloured plastic basket per child for their toothbrush, a cup and any other little personal cleaning items; place each on the tiled shelf usually at the end of the bath or next to the shower

* never put fancy soap beside the basin, and definitely not soap with a plunger

* keep benches as clear of clutter as possible as it makes it easier to clean up the inevitable puddles

Best wishes


  1. BEST soap I've ever found is from Enjo... it's about $7 for one pump pack bottle but then you can just refill it. You use about 15-20ml of any shower gel or other liquid soap and the rest WATER - I use our filtered water. It foams as it is dispensed and so covers the hands soooo easily. If little hands go nuts with pumping then they'll use up less than 5ml of actual 'soap'. I refill ours for a family of 5 about once a week. Stops ever so much wastage as well as avoiding scummy bars of soap!

  2. Thanks for the tip Mrs B. I love Enjo products and now we are gardening the bar of soap is left grey a lot. I always feel I need to wash it before it can wash me. :)

    Best wishes


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