Thursday, April 21, 2011

Groceries breakdown 21 April

This week's shopping corresponds to Week 1 of my monthly plan.

Fresh Produce $12.64
Dairy Products $23.80
Frozen Goods $8.68
Meat $24.39
Bread $8.22
Pantry Items $56.08
Bath and Baby $0.00
Dog $0.00
Treats $7.47

Spent in total $141.28 at local supermarket.

Meat $61.80

Spent at the Steggles outlet for 6 kg of thigh fillets and 4 whole stuffed chickens which will last a fortnight.

Although this looks like I ended up well within my $250 budget I must admit to having fast food this last week.  We had Hungry Jacks one night when I was just too plain tired to think beyond Meatloaf in oven, d'oh, I need vegetables and the kitchen is a mess.

Having a monthly rotation has helped a lot to reduce our fast food but I am finding that making plans is not the only part.  Something I remember from my old Amway days... You need to work the plan for the plan to work.  Oh boy, does that bite me where it hurts!!

Best wishes

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  1. I sort of do a rotation - sticking mainly to tried and true recipes with all the allergies we have in our home:) though I occassionally break out and use one of the zillion recipe books and collections I have lol!
    It definitely helps to keep the budget in tact by having a plan but you are way more organised than me!


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