Thursday, April 14, 2011

Managing our homes, our school and ourselves

I know it isn't usual to view ourselves as anything but home schoolers, just a mum with extra jobs.  I am realising lately that viewing ourselves as managers is a more broadening experience.  I have many 'projects' under way such as home chores, home maintenance, personal projects, homeschool planning and prep, etc.

As a homeschooling mother of 4 I find a lot of the problems covered here are things that apply to me.  As I  read more about the skills a manager needs I am learning to view myself as a manager of a unique group - my family with all sorts of priorities, goals and projects.  I find the author's style of writing very easy to understand even though I have read these ideas before and I recommend a good browse around his site.

If we can view ourselves in this light, a manager of people and projects in a home environment, there is so much out there to help us.  We just need to adapt the 'male business' words to fit our 'female home' management situation.

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