Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sinus Update

So, I ran out of those pills for my sinuses, and I am now taking them again.  But while I am waiting for them to take effect I am paying attention to my allergy symptoms more.

The other day after a day of fogginess and a sharp headache that didn't let me move far I had finally gotten the headache down to a slight dull ache in the top of my headache.  I was ready to get moving again when we had a short light shower of rain.  Not much, hardly enough to wet the car or the grass, but it was enough of a change in humidity for all the recently mown lawns to react in some way.  In the space of five minutes I went from feeling fairly normal, able to breathe, move and see to blocked sinuses, gasping for breath, a splitting headache and puffed up eyes streaming with tears.

I get it now!  If that is the severity of reaction to grass allergies that I have been living with for the past 15-20 years then it is no wonder that days have passed in a fog with nothing worthwhile done.

This year I will be working on my health.  It seems to have been the biggest factor in my "failure" to do the things I have wanted to do.  At least I am partway to a solution with these pills.

Best wishes

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  1. My allergies have never been as bad as yours, so this may be nothing more than an interesting anecdote: I used to get seasonal allergies every year, to pollens, leading to sinus infections, etc. Like I said, they were never as bad as what you describe - but I would loose my voice every September-October, like clockwork. Then the year I got married, for reasons I still don't remember, I didn't have any dairy products for several months. And I noticed in January that I still hadn't had my annual bout of allergies. I now only avoid dairy if I can tell the allergies are starting to play up, which works well for me. I guess the proteins from the grass (which the cows eat, of course) can aggravate symptoms. May not work for you, but I thought I would mention it.


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