Friday, February 15, 2013

Factors in Failure for Me

I have been thinking (or overthinking as some would call it) about the past 10 years of not doing as much as I would like.

It seems to me that there have been 3 major factors to blame. 
  1. Grass allergies - more serious than I had thought.  I hadn't realised until this last week just how often I have been sick and/or tired due to the symptoms of my grass allergies.  About a week ago I ran out of some herbal allergy tablets I had been taking.  As the budget was a little tight I didn't replace them immediately.  I have now got one doozy of a sinus headache and probably an infection as I have had a fever too.  My eldest tells me I was tired and "duh" a lot before so that can explain a lot of missed opportunities.
  2.  Irregular habits - I am not the best at going to bed at a set time each night or getting up at the same time each day.  After tracking my sleep times on an Android app called SleepBot I have also realised I would be lucky to make 7 hours sleep a night (and that doesn't take into account all those years of baby interruptions as well).  Meal times are also a bit wobbly depending on how I feel (see above) or what I choose to cook.  I think that having this framework to my day would have helped me to be healthier and less tired and to be able to place other actions in "their time slot".
  3. Guilt - On the good days in between the bad days caused by the above factors I would have guilt overload from all the things I felt behind on.  I could get some work done when I wasn't sick and/or tired but I couldn't ever feel like I was even reasonably close to "caught up".
 So, I am not a person to wallow in the problem once I am aware of it.  My solutions are to never, ever, never run out of my herbal allergy pills again and I am going to set myself a bedtime and wake time like I had as a child and stick to them. 

Hopefully the guilt will ease as I am able to function better and I will get things done, with better expectations of what "caught up" means to me.

Best wishes


  1. My brother has terrible grass allergies that have made his life miserable for years. He has been on a course of injections to 'immunise' him against grass pollens, which has helped a bit. Which herbal remedy do you use?

    Glad you are not beating yourself up about the past. Tomorrow is another day!

    1. Jo,

      They are an allergy blend of Chinese herbs. The brand is Health Fusion. About $30 for 60 pills. I am taking 4/day, 2 twice a day. They were recommended by the daughter of the health food shop who had asthma really bad. After 6 months of the pills about 5 years ago she hasn't had to use her puffer during allergy season. I am willing to spend the money if my allergies can go away that much.

      Good luck to your brother, I hope they work for him.

      Best wishes


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