Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Freedom of Homeschooling Maths

One of the reasons I love homeschooling is the freedom to make maths applicable.  To me it is one of the easiest subjects to teach because it can be very practical.  I truly believe maths is not that hard if you make it real instead cerebral.

Today we are learning how to do "of" in fractions.  Sonshine, being a stubborn Aspie, doesn't know why we should multiply the numerators and denominators.  It isn't something that I can exactly explain, it is just something I trust.  So the deal was either he just trusts the process or we do some work with some maths manipulatives to see if the process works.  And once he trusts the process we can get on with pen and paper again.

Here is the result of our conversation.  Apparently M&Ms were actually meant to be maths manipulatives.  lol

This particular calculation is finding 1/8 of 20.  Did you know that is 160 M&Ms?

Well, once we complete today's fractions I think we will be working on subtraction!  Wouldn't you?

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  1. Hmm, side comment here! Do not do this type of maths first, before other subjects!

    We have had to put school aside for a while until we burn off the extra sugar in our systems and settle our tummies! Off to the exercise bike for me and I am sending the kid to play in the backyard for a while. My head hurts from the sugar rush!


  2. Hi Jen, any maths that includes M&M's is certainly fun! I was just reading some of your earlier posts, are you back to homeschooling all your boys?

    1. Despite the older one asking every morning if he can have the day off or when are we going to homeschool again, I have made the commitment in my mind that it will be a year long experience. If things are looking bad for any reason then I may change my mind but I would rather support them through any challenges and help them to find solutions than let them quit.

      Thanks for dropping by,


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