Friday, March 1, 2013

Public School Update after Week 5

I am having to learn a whole new language it seems with school.  Even though the kids started back midweek the weeks are counted as 5 even though it was really only 4 and 2 days.

Jack, the almost 11 year old, still doesn't like going to school.  It isn't tears, more just a question asked in a hopeful tone, "Can I be homeschooled again?".  I know this year will be "hard" for him but as long as I see him learning how to cope and not collapsing into a heap of tears or other symptoms of stress, he will be continuing on with this year of school.

His teacher says that he has troubles organising himself and doesn't cope well when he doesn't understand what needs to be done.  I have also noticed that papers tend to get lost in his bag and things missed.  I have purchased a ring binder with two pockets to put in it, one for "Things to go Home" and one for "Things to go to School".  I have also included a calendar for the rest of term and a homework checklist.  I am hoping that by working with his teacher on this that we may be able to help him be more organised.

The teacher has been quite good.  At first I didn't think he would be approachable but he is easy to talk to and we are commiserating together and also talking about solutions.  The other day in the school yard when picking the boys up he commented on some of the troubles that Jack has been having, sounding quite concerned, and I told him that I have bad allergies to grass and have basically been laid out for 2 weeks with infected sinuses.  I said that a bad day at school was better than nothing done at home due to me being sick.  He smiled.  He is an older gentleman, sort of serious most of the time, so that surprised me. 

Harry, the now 8 year old (sob!), is going well.  At least it appears that way.  He gets to talk to me a lot at home, explaining his thought processes.  He doesn't get to do that at school and I wonder if it is making him a little sad.  It is hard to tell as he is a quiet introvert type.  I think I need to catch up with his teacher soon, even if only by email.

I volunteered at the canteen/tuck shop today.  (Why does each state in Australia call it something different?)  I got asked for my Anzac biscuit recipe.  It was busy but I thought I did well.  I will probably never "fit in" but I was like that anyway even before I became a homeschooler.  I just have to be myself.  If I say so myself I am not too hard to get along with, I just don't cope well with big groups.  Apparently they don't "fire" anyone so even if I make mistakes I will still be back for another Friday morning in 2 weeks time.  :-)

Well, off to do my junk mail job.  Photos of the birthday boy to come!  (Yes Mum, I will do it this weekend!)

Best wishes

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  1. Hi Jen, well done getting through those first hard weeks, and congratulations on your new job at the tuckshop! I love getting into the school and finding out what is going on from the inside, so I volunteer for all sorts of jobs, it gives you a great insight into the 'feel' of the school. Hang in there!


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