Monday, March 11, 2013

How to Annoy Your Kids

There are some things that are just fun to do to your kids.  One of mine is to chant in cheerleader fashion the quietest kid's name and dance around too.  He blushes and smiles indulgently at his silly mum.  Another way is to give squeezy hugs. The bad bit there is that they are starting to return them.  :-)

Recently my school kids have been leaving lunches uneaten and don't seem to be even drinking much water while at school.  I have threatened them with a CD of me educating (nagging?) them about all the good things that are in their lunch boxes and why they need to eat them.  I figure I can play it on the way to and from school.

This morning the older of the 2 school going kids checked out if I could really do it.  I proved I could by telling him the process I would use to get my talking onto a CD.  He was a bit concerned.  :-)  Good!

Jo, over at All the Blue Day, posted this link about big family rules in the last few days.  I think this mother could be a mum after my own heart.  Very funny!

I really do think "annoying" our kids is one very good way to release tension yet still have a good laugh.  Creative parenting maybe?!

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  1. I agree - it's always good to annoy and even embarrass our kids at times! - and I LOVE that list of family rules you linked to too!

  2. Hey Jen, what goes around, comes around, hey? My youngest got me a doozy the other night, while we were taking our uber-polite Japanese exchange student for a walk. 'Mummy, what's a lesbian?' she yells at the top of her lungs. I can only hope our student's English isn't very good...

    So our children, deserve everything they get from us!!

    Sharon's list is fantastic isn't it? She is such a serious, thoughtful blogger usually, and then this?! It is still making me laugh.


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