Friday, May 25, 2012

Snack schedule

Things used to be very relaxed around here for snacks.  I figured they could access the fridge when they were hungry or just eat whatever they liked of whatever had been baked.  Now though as our budget gets tighter and some of the kids are not always making wise choices on the quality or quantity of their snacks I have decided to make a snack schedule. 

Monday          1    Fruit and nuts
                     2   Crackers and sour cream dip

Tuesday         1    Fruit and yoghurt
                     2   Pita crackers and mini salad

Wednesday     1    Fruit and nuts
                     2   Baked treat, yoghurt

Thursday        1    Fruit and yoghurt
                     2   Pita crackers and mini salad

Friday            1    Fruit and nuts
                     2   Crackers and sour cream dip

Saturday        1    Fruit and yoghurt
                     2   Pita crackers and mini salad

Sunday           1    Fruit
                     2   Baked treat, yoghurt

Ironically I think it is time to start packing a lunch box like I had as a kid for school.  I want to raise children who eat healthily in both variety and quantity of food.  I would also like them to learn that sometimes you don't get to eat only the foods you like.  I think learning to eat at least a small portion of a food you don't love is a good practice towards being courteous when others serve you food different to that you usually eat.  It is part of being a good guest.

On a side note a benefit could be that my baking doesn't all get eaten in one day and the electricity bill may go down because the fridge is not being opened and closed all day long by 4 little people and me.  I can hope, can't I?

I will be getting a lunch box too.  I find myself not eating enough fresh fruit so having a portion in my lunch box each day certainly won't harm me.

I am going to use 4.0 litre Decor containers.  They slide perfectly down inside the cooler bags I have bought from either Woolies or Coles over the year.  I can then slip an ice sheet down each side of the bag and lunch and snacks are done.  We will also be a lot more portable.  If I need to go out I won't need to juggle around meals but just take them with us.  

Hot lunches are a favourite around here so I think I will just add the cutlery to the box as a hint of what is to come.  I don't always like sandwiches myself so I won't make my kids eat them every day either.  I can still be more flexible about that as a homeschooler. :-)

Well, off to make up some fresh ice sheets.  Now, where did I put them?

Best wishes


  1. He he:) glad I'm not the only one that doesn't like sandwiches everyday!
    P.s. I'm wondering if home schooled kids eat more than school kids in general....I know we sometimes struggle with the balance here being more easily accessible at home!

  2. I like the idea of planned snacks to introduce them to other foods. Will have to think more on that. I am trying to get into the habit of cutting up a large platter of either fruit or veggie sticks for us to nibble on through the day. The other thing we have done to cut down on the fridge being opened is everyone has their own water bottle with them. It is also a good way to measure how much is being drunk - we never drink enough water!!


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