Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lost in Translation

I have just bought myself a new brain, which will be very useful (I hope?!) when this old brain figures out how to use it.  I used to have a Palm that was awesome.  It has been quite some years though since I could get it to work for more than a couple of days as a toy before it would become a mini brick again.

My new "brain"  is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.  It is a good size to carry in my hand for reading books or for using for my shopping list.  And I am lucky that it has the latest and greatest screen type too.  Just a little bonus!

Anyway, back to the title of this post.

I bought a screen protector straight away, as any good mummy should.  This is the back of the packaging. 

Sorry for the glare, but as you can see it takes a good photo.  The first few items were translated well.  When you get to Silicon Adhesive Coating... well, No residue leaves on your LCD display when you remove it.  Hmm, little bit off, but then you get to "flossy" finish. Hmmm!  It gets worse.

Check out Remarks and tell me if you can understand it.  In case it isn't readable for you here is what it says.

"If has any question to paste in the course, can carefully to take it out, paste it again.  Keep the PET backing and paste it back after you clean the screenward(????), can push out the bubbles and paste it again."

Something definitely got lost in translation.  Or is it that my old brain really needs to be reformatted?  :-)

Best wishes

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  1. That's very funny Jen. I don't know what they are trying to say in that last bit!


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