Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Poor Judd is dead....

No, it isn't that drastic!  No-one has died, just our old CRT TV.  It has been going for a while but died today.

So off to the Good Guys, my favourite electrical retailer.  They have always given us a good price and from what I have read online their extended warranties are very user friendly.

Today I got myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.  It is one of the latest and greatest tablets out there (not that I really cared, but dh does).  As long as it was a comfortable size in my hand and was light enough to not cause hand ache, and was compatible with Office programs I was happy.  So it will become my portable brain. I just do not have the memory I used to have and I really need to keep track of a lot of things these days.

Dh got himself a 39" LED television.  Yup, his toy!! lol

So you may be hearing more from me as I get more mobile.  I hope so, as it has been a bit lonely here.

Best wishes

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  1. We have an iPad and cannot imagine life / homeschooling without it now:) enjoy your new tablet!


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