Monday, August 8, 2011

Working with our hands

I was recently lead to this blog called Wisdom of the Hands and its content really resonates with me.  As you may know if you have been visiting for a while I think that technical drawing is very important for everyone to learn to at least a basic level.  I am also encouraging my boys to use their hands by recently making wooden swords and even  more recently pinewood derby cars

These are not one off experiences.  I intend working with our hands to create to become an every day event here.  Any number of worksheets can not beat the experience and skills gained from creating something in our mind, putting it on paper and then creating it in the real world.  The problem solving involved in making an idea real is an awesome skill and the confidence gained from being able to change your world can grow adults who will give anything a try, who aren't afraid of difficulties or even dreaming big because they know that if you can dream it and you believe it you can create it (borrowing a phrase there).

Best wishes

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