Monday, August 1, 2011

Making Pinewood Derby Cars Part 2

These cars have moved from a plain block of pine to some very nice looking race cars over the last 3 weeks.  Dh has now weighted them with lead and there is only a little touching up to be done for them to be ready for racing next Saturday.

Eldest's car from the front

Eldest's car from the back

Second son's General Lee

The side of third son's car

Third son's stripes (excuse the lounge, it had an accident - ask ds1 about it.)

The "phone" that will possibly drive too!

Sleek shape, huh, but will it drive?

We have all had some fun with these and are seriously consdiering continuing to make more and more cars.  Getting wheels here in Australia is not so easy but we are thinking that an overseas order wouldn't be a waste of time.

I have really liked how the boys have seen and learnt the process of creating something in their head and then translating that to paper and then to wood.  I think this is a really important skill.  After all isn't that what we do when we set goals - create the unseen, the intangible first before the concrete.

Best wishes

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  1. Yea I agree, very important skill! you must be so proud of your boys!


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