Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to school after a Loooonnnngggg Break

This time of year is a real drag.  I have just got the kids back to playing outside because the weather is warmer yet due to the very same weather factor I am super tired due to grass allergies.

And then on top of that I have to wrap up the last year of school and plan the next year's work.  (I school September to August to fit in with receiving our tax money that I use for new curriculum.)  Not so easy when you are dragging just to stay on top of housework.

Well, all the planning has been done.  I very realistically planned out my calendar for the year so we have 44 weeks available for school.   Then I worked out our lessons to fit 36 weeks worth of week into 40 weeks of 9 days per fortnight, giving me every second Friday as a project day, big errand day or even a catch up day if we were slack on getting our work done, and a buffer of 4 weeks for illness.

I am hoping with the incentive of a park day or a project day that we will work to get all the assigned work done each fortnight.

So far this week has gone quite well.  I am a little behind on my list but it is just a long list of little things that will be knocked over quickly once I start them.

I am also using alarms on my phone to keep us on track too.  Technology can be my friend if I use it carefully.

Best wishes

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  1. :) glad to find someone else that also uses the alarm on their phone:) We have a 36 week schedule but sometimes we stretch one week out to 1.5 or even two weeks if we need to catch up or for sickness etc. This seems to work for us so far:) and yes that tax refund is always good isn't it! For us also it's not 'extra' money as some people know it to be, it all goes towards our family budget lol!


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