Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Restarting my day

Our week has started a little slowly this week.  My eldest was sick on Monday after having 2 horrible weekend days so school just didn't happen for anyone (hmm, might have been partly me being distractible too).  Yesterday my 6 year old had a high temperature and went to bed early.  Today the eldest has mostly recovered.

Now it is time to hit Reset and restart our day/week.  I got this idea from FlyLady initially.

Off to do those things that haven't yet got done from my morning list and then reprioritise what is left and write out a plan.  The day can still be a good one if I make a plan and work my plan.

Later tonight I will go through my school schedule and decide what can be dropped, what can be skimmed and what can be rescheduled.

Best wishes
Off to get butts into gear.

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  1. Oh my goodness Jen, that seems to echo what is happening at our place this week. Eldest boy sick on Monday, me sick on Tuesday, my 2nd boy sick today. It can only get better from here. All the best for the restart to your week.


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