Saturday, August 6, 2011

Keeping busy

I have been getting to the gym by 7am for the last 4 days.  Considering I am not usually out of bed until 7.30 I think I am doing very well at getting up and getting going.  I am doing mostly weights but am mixing it up with some ordinary tread mill walking too.  Whether I lose weight or gain due to muscle gain will be interesting over the next few weeks.

The weird thing is that because I am up and going so early and on something that I really want to do it is easy to keep moving all day long doing the things I don't always want to do.  It also means that some projects that have been lingering for a long time are getting done.  I like this.

It also means I am too busy to get time to post anything on my blog and I am not being able to keep up with friends online.  I guess once the back log of projects is cleared a bit it will become easier to get some sort of balance.

The boys will be racing their pinewood derby cars tonight.  I hope that goes well.  Today dh is also establishing some more garden beds in preparation for spring.  We are really hoping to be able to eat a lot more from our yard soon.  And I recently found out we can have up to 10 chickens on our suburban block.  Guess what we are doing next?!

Sadly no school has been happening but one big part of the projects I have been working on is going to make our school room a lot more functional.  It has been too cluttered previously and while I can shuffle it all around lots to make it look "better" sometimes you just need to get rid of some of the clutter.

Best wishes


  1. I've been trying to purge too! When did I become a hoarder? :P


    Raising Little Rhodies

  2. Go Jen! Great work on the gym stuff! I have been on a bit of a fitness kick of late, and it is always good to get it out of the road early in the morning. And I need to spend less time online...spending time on real-world people and projects is not a bad thing!

  3. There is so much truth in that... the key to a good and productive day is getting an early start. It doesn't matter how many hours you tack on the end... they are never as beneficial as those first early hours in the morning. I am always trying to share this with moms who often feel flustered and frustrated at their chaotic days.

    Good luck with your school room project. We are in the midst of our annual school room reorder and clean up in preparation for starting our new semester... I can empathize for sure!



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