Friday, June 21, 2013

Using ColorNote on My Tablet

I have a Samsung Tablet 7.7, only the older version, but I find it to be my second brain.  I would be lost without it.  The 3 most important apps I have installed are Cozi, a calendar app that my DH can use on his iPad also; Out of Milk, for my grocery lists sorted by store with price history, and ColorNote, a list making app.

I love ColorNote.  It has checklists and text notes.  They can be colour coded and can even have a reminder set for them in the calendar section of CN.

My notes are colour coded for the zones I use for housekeeping, for my routines, for projects and other minor list types.  I mostly use checklists and love how they can be reused by "unchecking all" or "checking all".  I also like to edit them and move items up and down so that I have the higher priority items higher in the list.

I can even send my lists to my son in an email and he can send them on to his ColorNote app on his phone.

The notes are easy to "stick" onto your pages for viewing by adding a 1x1 or a 2x2 widget to the page.  I usually use them  in the larger size because they can be stretched for best viewing but they can also just be put on as a simple sticky note with a title showing.

A typical "page" in my tablet.  Note the large notes and the smaller ones also.

In this screen shot I have 2 types of ColorNote widgets.The smaller grey ones to the right (6 of them) are the 1x1 widgets with only a note title and a number for the tasks still left to be done for that checklist.  The lower right widget was a 2x2 widget that I have stretched and is only text.  The other 2 large notes are checklists and you can see that I have some marked off on the grey note.  By clicking on the note I can then edit the items, uncheck all, check all or sort by status.  Awesome, huh?!

I am just updating my schedule for next term and will tell you how I go about creating that in my tablet for easy use.  Once I have that done I can show you some more screen shots of my daily routines and my household routines.

Stay tuned!

Best wishes

PS Yes I have EverNote too but I find it's task lists are very limited for re-using or moving items around in.

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