Saturday, June 1, 2013

Having a Refreshing Personal Space

I have been reflecting on having a refreshing personal space to just take time to reflect and refresh each day.  A variety of books that I have been reading recently cover this although I couldn't exactly say which ones today.  You know how it is, read so many sources with similar ideas, you don't know where you read it first.

Anyway, I share my bedroom with 2 little children.  Umm, back that up!  You may need a quick explanation of our house.

My dh is very overweight and uses a CPAP machine.  Due to his weight causing a very large dip in the bed and the noise of his machine I am unable to sleep in his bed.  Not something either of us are happy with!  In the other 2 bedrooms in the house we have a set of bunks for the older pair of boys and then in my room a set of bunks for the younger pair of boys and a single bed for me.

While I have made sure my bedlinen is pretty and that the higher up surfaces are uncluttered the bedtime books and a few stray toys keep creeping out from their homes under the boys' bed to cover the floor.  Not exactly refreshing!

Instead my "refresh" space is the room where our fireplace is.  I have a 2 seater lounge with a pretty lamp for reading to the boys or on my own opposite the fire place and I will shortly have a desk in the corner for me to do my "important work" of thinking and planning.  I love this space because it is fairly central to the rest of the house.  In the past if I have made my refresh space too out of the way I can find myself hiding there all day long.  For me I need to be out in public space because children who can read clocks or see screens will naturally keep me accountable.  lol

I have also made a few little places of "peace" around my house, surfaces that contain things that make me smile that no one is allowed to clutter up.  Even if the rest of my house is dusty, toy cluttered and messy these little places help me to feel it is not all lost.

I hope this gives you some ideas about creating a space for yourself.

Best wishes

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