Thursday, June 27, 2013

ColorNote and Routines Part 2

In my last post I showed you how I created multiple checklists for my daily routine.

Over the years I have polished a chore rotation for my household.

Some of the room names have changed due to us moving things around but you get the idea.  I also have monthly chores that are added to the weekly list, creating 4 weeks worth of cleaning checklists.

Then in the same way I created checklists for my daily routine I created chore lists in ColorNote.

Over two screens on my tablet I have laid out my daily routine checklists as 2x2 widgets and added in my chore checklist also.

You can also see I have added in what I call Individual Morning Chores (IMC).  The blue widget is my chores list for that day.

On the next screen that continues the routines there are Individual Afternoon Chores (IAC) widgets for each person.  I also have a purple one for the month's big chores as you can see in this next screen shot.


Sadly June's chores haven't been done as diligently as I would like, but I wanted to show you how my screens look.

In my next post I will explain more on how I use these lists.

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  1. You are VERY organised! I used to have weekly and monthy job charts and menus but with only two teenagers left and everyone familiar with their chores I haven't worried for quite a while. I do however think I should note all those smaller chores (eg cleaning light fittings etc). Having just moved house I realise how all those little jobs can become quite big if they all have to be done at one time.
    Thanks for commenting at my place, too.

  2. I love the coloured lists and can see that they are useful, but...aaaaaahhhhhh! Don't you feel trapped by all that housework? You seem like such a beautiful, bright, intelligent woman, where are your dreams? I can't help but worry that you may be ticking away your life with each chore, which will be back to haunt you again by next week. I haven't read many of your posts but already I have great respect for you. Despite having a lot of things to cope with in your life that must be emotionally draining, you still do lots of positive things like home school your kids.

    What would happen if you only wiped down the front of the cupboards once a month? And cleaned the windows and sills once every 2 months, or only when you felt they needed it? Why not try pushing your limits and see how long you can go without mopping the floor before it starts to bother you? Imagine not doing the chores for a week and just sitting in the park watching the strangers walking past, or taking a course, or just cuddling or chatting with dh?

    I have a good friend, a farmers wife, who decided to do a course in sustainability. Whilst on the course she did a workshop on building with strawbales. She decided that she could do that. She went home and designed and built her own strawbale cottage, 2 in fact, that she leases out as holiday lets. She monitored how much energy they saved and then got funding to travel the world looking at other strawbale buildings. Her son helped her with the building work and then went to college to learn joinery and now has his own business building eco-friendly strawbale homes and buildings.

    My friend of course has now moved on to her next adventure, which is growing vegetables and researching how much can be produced with people-intensive, small scale farming, rather than oil-intensive mono-culture. Now building homes and growing veg isn't everyones cup of tea, but we all have dreams or ideas of things we would love to do, but that dont seem possible. She is always a reminder to me that you can really do anything you want to do, if you just decide that you can.

    All the best Jen!


    1. Judy, I hear what you are saying. I certainly do feel that the days blend into the mundane. As a very realistic mum I feel I should make it clear I certainly do not complete each list for every day. I like to use it more as a reminder that an area needs to be looked at and assessed as to its need, although with white cupboard fronts in my kitchen and a batch of kids and an inside dog I do like to wipe them down regularly for my own sanity.

      I would love to study the course your friend did. It certainly gives me a dream to be able to go to England and do the great sustainability courses you have there. I drool over the alternative builds on Grand Designs. I am also reading a book by John Maxwell called Put Your Dream to the Test. Very thought provoking! Maybe I will make it to England in the future.

      Thank you for continuing to visit and sharing your thoughts.

      Best wishes


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