Thursday, June 27, 2013

ColorNote and Routines Part 1

Here are my step by step instructions on how to turn text from a Word document into checklists in ColorNote for my tablet.

Like some other homeschooling mothers I have read Managers of Their Homes by Terri Maxwell.   From that I gleaned the idea of having a regular routine to my days.  I have also arranged my household chores in a similar way to FlyLady with a monthly rotation of the bigger jobs, and a weekly and daily routine of chores.

With ColorNote I have been able to create all the lists I need to keep this system running.

First of all I create my schedule in Word.  It comes out looking something like this.

Once I have polished it and am happy that it all "works", I copy the file across to my tablet.  It is important that each task has those square brackets with one space between them and then a space in front of the text before each item.  You will see why in the next step.

I use Polaris to open up the Word file.  I then select the contents of a cell and copy them to the clipboard.

After opening up ColorNote I use the add option and create a text note.  Yes, it does sound odd, when I want to create a checklist but it works.  In the new text note I paste my text copied from the clipboard.  It comes out as text with no carriage returns.

By selecting just before each opening bracket I insert returns to create a vertical list.

Before saving it I send to ColorNote and it automatically changes my text list to a check list.  I change the colour to suit my system, put in an appropriate title and save.

It will then switch me back to my text note, which I can discard.

My system of labelling is to put the stage number and then the day/s it applies to.  For instance you will see above in the Word file that Monday's stage 1 is different to Tuesday and Wednesday - no homework - so I will label it "1 Mon" but Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are all the same so I label the note for them as "1 T W R F".  I use R for Thursday because I have become used to how Homeschool Tracker uses R for scheduling across different days and it makes a lot of sense when I am trying to make titles short so they are visible on the widget.

More to come...

Best wishes

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